#AMFAD: ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD Red Band Trailer: Ninety Seconds of Gen Z'ers Z'ing With a Splash of Guts And Gore

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#AMFAD: ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD Red Band Trailer: Ninety Seconds of Gen Z'ers Z'ing With a Splash of Guts And Gore
Marcus Dunstan's Gen Z slasher, #AMFAD All My Friends Are Dead, is coming to cinemas and digital on August 2nd. The red band trailer and key art were released today. Check out the trailer below. 
A group of college friends rent an Airbnb for the biggest music festival of the year. A weekend of partying quickly takes a turn, as the group is murdered one by one, according to their sin.
#AMFAD stars Jade Pettyjohn, Jennifer Ens, Ali Fumiko Whitney, Michaella Russell, Julian Haig, Justin Derickson, Cardi Wong, Jack Doupe-Smith and Jojo Siwa. 
Our own Josh caught the slasher flick when it had its world premiere at Tribeca. Like the rest of us Josh is battling against the sands of time and while we enjoy the bloody and gory dispatching of anyone in and around legal drinking age points matter when it comes to execution. No pun intended. 
Unfortunately, as I’ve aged beyond my twenties, I have been cursed with the dumb desire for the most miniscule amount of logical connective tissue between the kills and that’s where #AMFAD leaves too much to the imagination.
Nobody loves a brainless hack’n’slasher like your intrepid reviewer, but even I draw a line from time to time. #AMFAD is silly, at times aggressively so, but it takes occasional steps toward social consciousness that feel out of place. Not to mention the fact that it features former kiddie pop star Jojo Siwa – sure to be a draw for a certain demographic – in an unusually empathetic extended cameo. I genuinely wish I could turn my brain off completely and let the buckets of guts are gore waft over me like a cool spring breeze, but sadly, it cannot commit to being either as dumb as it needs to be or as serious as it wants to be, and the no man’s land in between is a dead zone.
If you want to read more of Josh's review click here, otherwise the red band trailer, edited for maximum hype follows. 
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