ARROW Player in July: Mick Garris/Thomas Sainsbury Selects, The ARROW Olympics, And More

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ARROW Player in July: Mick Garris/Thomas Sainsbury Selects, The ARROW Olympics, And More
Get out the Summer heat in July and cool down with next month's lineup of titles from the fine folks at Arrow. The Arrow Player features the always excellent assortment of classics and oddities from around the World. 
Next month's Selects programs come from horror icon and director Mick Garris, and Kiwi actor and director Thomas Sainsbury. Sainsbury's 2023 thriller Loop Track is also part of the programming next month. 
There are two more gems from the filmography of Nico Mastorakis, The Naked Truth and Ninja Academy, and to celebrate the Summer Games get ready for The ARROW Olympics. 
Everything you need to know about next month's lineup follows. 
ARROW Player Announces July 2024 Lineup
Streamer Highlights Classic Comedies, New Genre Gems,
Festival Shorts and Electric Selections for Height of Summer
July 2024 Seasons:
Mick Garris Selects, First Class Fear, Little Monsters,
Thomas Sainsbury Selects, The ARROW Olympics
Arrow Video is excited to announce the July 2024 lineup of their subscription-based ARROW platform, available to subscribers in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. Enjoy a selection of new titles, from carefully cultivated curations to shorts by new talent to deep dives into the tastes of filmmakers that changed the way we see the genre.
Feature Presentations: July 2024 | ARROW
MG Selects Main cover (1).jpg
On July 1st, dive into the July lineup with Mick Garris Selects (UK/IRE/US/CA), a Season of titles from the mind of filmmaker and author Mick Garris, best known for his Stephen King adaptations and creating the "Masters Of Horror" television series.  
"I was flattered to be asked by my friends at Arrow to recommend some of their titles that I particularly enjoy. The world of cult video is a deep and expansive one, and the Arrow catalogue is filled with gems, wonders of a cockeyed world of cinema that much of the world believes is of the gutter variety. But these movies are imaginative, propulsive, unafraid to travel where the mainstream might fear to tread. Some of these are more unhinged than others, but they all display filmmakers working on films that only they could create. These are distinctive visions, unfiltered by studio notes and corporate influences.
Here’s a list of delectables that you might want to take a bite out of, next time you’re jonesing for something outré, outside of the lanes of your neighborhood cineplex, some more obvious than others, but all of them treats."
Titles Include: Dark Water, Ringu, Audition.
On July 5, head off for a summer trip in style with First Class Fear (UK/IRE/US/CA). 
Plane? Train? Automobile? No form of transport is safe on ARROW, but, whichever method of killer conveyance you choose, we guarantee you a great seat in First Class Fear!
Titles Include: The Hermit, Bloodstone, Death Has Blue Eyes.
LoopTrack_Vimeo_Horiz_3840x2160 (1).jpg
On July 8, head onto the Loop Track (UK/IRE/US/CA).
Writer-director and actor Tom Sainsbury, known for his comedic flair in such works as Wellington Paranormal and Guns Akimbo, shows his hidden passion for thrillers and human drama with Loop Track, his latest collaboration with Chillbox Creative which promises an electrifying journey into the unknown.
Highly anxious Ian Thompson (Sainsbury) sets off on a solo trek in the New Zealand bush for some respite from the stress of everyday life. His plans for uninterrupted solitude are scuppered however, when he encounters Nicky (Hayden J Weal) and other hikers, only exacerbating his paranoia. As Ian's grip on reality weakens, he becomes convinced they are being followed. Miles from civilisation, their journey turns into a fight for survival as Ian's fears manifest into a surreal battle against an unseen threat lurking in the wilderness. Is it all just in his head? Or is someone, or something, really out there?
On July 12, get down and dirty with Little Monsters (UK/IRE/US/CA). 
We can't get enough of weird little guys who just wanna rip you to pieces or cause absolute havoc. Come and join the party with a great and gruesome gaggle of little (and not so little tbh) monsters!
Titles Include: Meat Friend, Gwilliam's Tips for Tricks and Treats, 100 Monsters.
On July 19, take some inspiration from actor, comedian and filmmaker Thomas Sainsbury (Loop Track). Thomas Sainsbury Selects (UK/IRE/US/CA): "I'm absolutely thrilled to do an edition of ARROW selections. I really adore these films and want the world to cherish them too. Some of them have huge ideas, some of them are great character studies and some of them are all out zany. And I reckon we could all do with some more zaniness in our lives. I hope you enjoy!" 
Titles Include: Eros + Massacre, Vengeance is Mine, Khrustalyov My Car!
Eric_Feat Image_3840x1440.jpg
Also on July 19th, enjoy a trio of genre shorts fresh off the festival circuit to their new home on ARROW.
Eric (UK/IRE/US/CA): Joshua finally gets to meet Eric, the beloved dog of a girl he’s been dating. As the evening evolves, Josh begins to get a sneaking suspicion that Eric isn’t your typical house pet.
I Know What You Need (UK/IRE/US/CA): It's 1976, and popular college co-ed Elizabeth meets an unusual boy, Edward, who knows what she needs. But who is Edward really, and what secrets is he hiding? It's a love story, but a Stephen King love story, so things aren't always what they seem.Elizabeth doesn't know what she wants, but Edward knows what she needs.
Earworm (UK/IRE/US/CA): A rip roaring film about two knuckleheads facing off against a gnarly tape cassette dwelling worm that really wants inside their ear holes.
On July 22, enjoy another dose of Nico Mastorakis with ARROW's curation of two more of his classics.
Ninja Academy (UK/IRE/US/CA): Take a martial arts school, throw in a snotty rich kid, a clumsy geek, a paranoid survivalist, two beach joggers, a cool secret agent and a mime, and you get Ninja Academy, a madcap karate comedy like no other starring Gerald Okamura (Big Trouble in Little China).
The Naked Truth (UK/IRE/US/CA): Mastorakis pays homage to a certain Billy Wilder film when two friends decide to pass as women and pose as makeup artists for a local beauty pageant to elude a vicious mafia boss. It seems like the perfect cover, until the mafioso gets the hots for one of them!
On July 26, get ready for The ARROW Olympics (UK/IRE/US/CA)!
Test your mettle in an international athletics competition where the difference between winning and losing is quite literally life and death. Will you get a bronze in beheading? Can you manage a silver in sprinting from a slasher? Got what it takes to get a gold in gore? Find out in The ARROW Olympics.
Titles Include: Bad Acid, Why Don't You Just Die!, Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji.
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