CREEPY BITS 2: Canadian Horror Anthology Now Shooting in Ontario

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CREEPY BITS 2: Canadian Horror Anthology Now Shooting in Ontario
A second season of the Canadian horror anthology series, Creepy Bits, is currently filming in and around Ontario, Canada.
Dubbed Creep Bits 2 the project is led by local filmmaker David J. Fernandes. He is joined by four other directors who will create ten episodes together. The directors are Adrian Bobb, Kelly Paoli, and two folks that I do know. There is the recent transfer from the Montreal film scene, Sid Zanforlin, and Ashlea Wessel, whose shorts and projects we've written about a bunch over the years. 
So friends are involved and that's always cool. Other cool news is that Hollywood Suite, the collection of specialty channels here in Canada, has locked down a broadcasting and streaming deal for the series. We also have our first look at the new series, check out the image down below. 
The second season, Creepy Bits 2, will premiere this fall on Hollywood Suite. 
Nestled amidst the serene beauty of rural Ontario's idyllic landscapes, lakes, and charming towns, "Creepy Bits" - under the creative leadership of David J. Fernandes - is poised to make a chilling return for its highly anticipated second season. Originally known as the "bite-sized horror web series" this short horror anthology series is not only set to make a bigger impact, it has now secured a broadcasting and streaming deal with Canada's Hollywood Suite, cementing its status as a must-watch series for horror enthusiasts.
"Sometimes you want to tuck into a genuinely frightening 90 minutes of terror and there are times when bite-sized, easily digestible scares do the trick!”, says Sharon Stevens, Vice President of Programming, Hollywood Suite. “We're delighted to have picked up the second season of Creepy Bits for our horror-loving subscribers."
In its inaugural season of seven episodes, "Creepy Bits" garnered critical acclaim and captivated audiences with its innovative approach to horror storytelling. Now, season 2 with 10 episodes, delves deeper into the darkness, drawing inspiration from contemporary issues while venturing into uncharted territories of fear.
“Season 1 dealt with pandemic-era themes of isolation, distrust of authority and paranoia,” says Creepy Bits creator/director David J. Fernandes. “This season focuses heavily on our relationship to nature and each other and aims to wipe the smirk off the friendly Canadian wilderness myth and show it for what it really is: absolutely terrifying.”
Filming is now underway in and around the Hamilton area with production set to wrap at Curve Lake First Nation Reserve, and Bobcaygeon in the Kawartha Lakes area. Production will also hire and train two youth from the Reserve to employ and mentor as dedicated production assistants. 
Fernandes and his Season 2 team of diverse writers/directors include Ashlea Wessel, Adrian Bobb, Kelly Paoli, and Sid Zanforlin. Executive Producing the series is LaRue Entertainment’s Matt King and Andrew Ferguson, David J. Fernandes, Lewis Spring, and Hollywood Suite’s Sharon Stevens and David Kines, bringing together an award-winning team of the best effects, prosthetics, makeup SFX, and VFX in the business. Their collective vision promises to deliver cutting-edge storytelling and heart-pounding trembling terror. 
“At LaRue, we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent, and when we saw what David did in Season 1, we leapt at the chance to work with him and help bring Season 2 to life,” says LaRue Entertainment’s Matt King. “David has assembled an exciting team of horror aficionados around him that include four emerging writers/directors who aren't afraid to push boundaries as they look to cement their place in the genre," adds LaRue’s Andrew Ferguson. “We’re grateful to be working with a wonderful team in front of and behind the camera, and look forward to unleashing 10 chilling new stories onto screens and into the nightmares of audiences and horror fans around the world."
Creepy Bits season 2 is produced with the  financial support of  Canada Media Fund, Ontario Creates, LaRue Entertainment, Hollywood Suite, tax credits, and private investment. 
Premiering this fall on Hollywood Suite, Creepy Bits 2 will unleash a new wave of horror that will linger long after the credits roll.
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