THE CROW Trailer: This Isn't Your Granddad's THE CROW, Live With it

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THE CROW Trailer: This Isn't Your Granddad's THE CROW, Live With it
When the first images for Rupert Sanders' new take on the original The Crow appeared fans were... ... unimpressed. That's, putting it lightly. Fans of the original were ready to tar and feather everyone and anyone involved with this new film and crow feathers were too good for them.
Now that we have a first trailer for this new film, well, don't read the comments. Holy moly are the fans of the original a devoted bunch. Like, wow. Set your tar to boil. And no goose down for these traitors from the new movie, either!
In spite of the trailer's glossy look, the high production value, the neat art direction and - wheeeeeee! - ultra-violence they will not be swayed! 
Then there's this. From the article over at TheWrap - who hates everything, so it's a good fit - Sanders and his star Bill Skarsgard are given the chance to put to rest any fears that this isn't "going to shit" on your 1994 The Crow.
“I was a huge fan of the original film growing up as a kid and was so honored to take on the role of Eric Draven,” Skarsgard said in a statement. “But really what drew me to it was what Rupert Sanders wanted to do with it. He wanted to completely reimagine the story and the character and tailor it towards a modern audience. It’s a character that I know many revere and have a strong connection to – he is unlike any I’ve ever taken on before.”
“Our interpretation of James’ work also reflects this young generation, whose tastes and references have changed so dramatically from the original film,” he said. “Hopefully it speaks to them in their language, with their style and music and hopefully will get them to discover Alex Proyas’ film and James O’Barr’s graphic novel, bringing a new audience to the source material.”
Hey! Cult of the Original! This. Is. Not. Your. The Crow.
Stay at home, pop in your original DVD, Blu-ray, rent it On Demand, whatever. Put your pitchforks and torches away. Keep the candles burning at your Brandon Lee alter. Just, stay fucking home and shut up. You've let yourselves be heard, annoyingly. We get it, this is not your The Crow. Neither were any of the other iterations of it that followed: City of Angels, Salvation, Wicked Prayer or Stairway to Heaven.
This in theirs (pointing to those sketchy teenagers hanging out on the corner with their hoodies and loud music). This was made for them, let them respond in kind. They will accept it or they won't. 
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