MUBI in October: Spooky Season Offerings Include Bailey-Bond's CENSOR And Masumura's IREZUMI - SPIDER TATTOO

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MUBI in October: Spooky Season Offerings Include Bailey-Bond's CENSOR And Masumura's IREZUMI - SPIDER TATTOO
There are a lot of go-to platforms for seasonal streaming but do not forget what you presume are outliers to the spooky season cause.
Take MUBI for instance. Regarded as a home for the arthouse and the autuer, MUBI is stacked to the rafters with quality programming. They also know that their suscribers like to get their spook on so they've curated a handful of terror-ific titles for the month of October to scratch that spooky itch. 
MUBI's seasonal programming will include two films from Masumura Yasuzo, Blind Beast and Irezumi - Spider Tattoo. MUBI has also put together a collection of film from female filmmakers, including Censor and The Love Witch. On the doc side they also have Rodney Ascher's A Glitch in the Matrix
A summary of the full announcement, for the purpose of highlighting programming of interest to our readers, follows...
In the lead up to Halloween, MUBI has created two ominous collections just in time for spooky season, including: The New Coven: A Female Horror Renaissance and Thrills, Chills and Exquisite Horrors, with more creepy films arriving to the platform in October such as: A Glitch in The Matrix, Irezumi - Spider Tattoo, and Blind Beast.
Beautiful Perversions: Films by Yasuzô Masumura
An underappreciated master of the postwar period, Japanese auteur Yasuzô Masumura ruled over a singular cinematic domain, where beautiful imagery and beastly desires coexist. Including the cult classic Blind Beast, these recently-restored thrills journey to the lowest depths of human nature.
October 1:
Giants and Toys (1958) 
Black Test Car (1962) 
The Black Report (1963) 
Red Angel (1966)
Irezumi - Spider Tattoo (1966)
Blind Beast (1969)
The New Coven: A Female Horror Renaissance
The horror film is in resurgence, with some of the most exciting work in the genre being done by women filmmakers. If these chillers from the new coven of female directors are anything to go by, something wicked this way comes.
Available Now:
She Dies Tomorrow - Amy Seimetz (2020)
Censor - Prando Bailey-Bond (2021)
The Love Witch - Anna Biller (2016)
Earwig - Lucile Hadžihalilović (2021)
Thrills, Chills and Exquisite Horrors
From the beginnings of film history, audiences have been drawn to scary movies like moths to a flame, finding in the shadowy space of the cinema some of their darkest fears and suspicions come terrifyingly alive. This Halloween, plunge into the heart of darkness with some striking cinematic horrors.
October 1:
The Possessed - Luigi Bazzoni & Franco Rossellini (1965) 
The Fifth Cord - Luigi Bazzoni (1971)
The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion - Luciano Ercoli (1970)
Copycat - Charlie Shackelton (2015)
Sunday, October 1
A Glitch In The Matrix | dir. Rodney Ascher, 2021
Documentary filmmaker Rodney Ascher tackles the question "are we living in a simulation?". Using a famous speech from Philip K. Dick, the filmmaker dives down the rabbit hole of science, philosophy, and conspiracy theory, interviewing digital avatars and unpacking cultural touchstones like The Matrix. (Trailer)
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