Panama Horror 2023: THE EYE AND THE WALL Wins Top Award

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Panama Horror 2023: THE EYE AND THE WALL Wins Top Award
This past weekend our friends at the Panama Horror Film Fest wrapped up their seventh edition of their grassroots genre film festival.
Feeding genre gems to their loyal and local audience the festival was a tad stripped down this year, playing seven feature films over four days. Determined to reward the best the region has to offer the top prize was given to Javier del Cid's sci-fi thriller The Eye And The Wall
The complete announcement follows, with winners and honorable mentions.
Friends! This Past Sunday we have successfully completed the seventh edition of the Panama Horror Film Fest!! We want to tell you about the award-winning films and photography but not before thanking MAC Panama (and their crew) for all their support, Pollo Chancho, Compañia Alfaro and Cervecería Feroz, also thank our crew and the group of volunteers who who did a really hard work to carry out this edition! Finally, we want to thank the filmmakers who send their films every year, the artists and ventures, the juries, the curators, researchers, the musicians and the general public. THANK YOU!!
This edition has been the shortest edition: 4 days. It was attended by approximately 800 people, including 8 filmmakers, 30 people who are film crews, 14 visual artists, 6 musicians, 4 film researchers.
We presented 7 feature films, 11 national short films and 42 international short films from 23 different countries and 5 continents, 39 photographs exhibited and 4 sculptures in the La Bóveda room of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama and 17 ventures were part of our horrific market. 47 Women were part of some form of the realization of the festival.
Without further delay we want to tell you what our award-winning films were.
International Competition of Feature Films of fantastic and horror cinema.
The jurors Jonathan Rangel Director of “Festival Visible de Panama”. Jorge Navas Multi-awarded Colombian film director among his films we highlight "Balada para Niños Muertos", documentary winner of the sixth edition of the Panama Horror Film Fest. And Estefanía Hermosilla Film researcher, specialized in gender made by women, creator of the account women of terror. They took the following deliberation:
Horrific mention
A Life on the Farm; Oscar Harding, United Kingdom
For his fresh, naïve and even perverse look of the contrast between life and death, within everyday life. For the use of the character's memory to narrate his story. For the role of video and photomontage as a means to relate to death, from the perspective of an elderly peasant.
Horrific mention
LAVA; Ayar Blasco, Argentina
For his animation work and his distinct, surprising and refreshing visual language.
The Eye and the Wall; Javier del Cid, Guatemala
For his recontextualization of the Latin American political problem of migration through science fiction. For the balance of the film genre with Latin American identity and idiosyncrasy. For the construction of the labyrinthine locations that were perceived very realistic, for the photography in general and the use of color in the scenes.
International competition of fantastic and horror film short films.
The jurors Alejandra García Producer, director and educator of Panamanian-Mexican cinema. Ariadna Sardá Catalan photographer and visual artist. Ricardo Linero Panamanian visual artist and filmmaker. They took the following deliberation:
Horrific mention
Or; Dominik Balkow; Germany
Without many monsters outside of oneself, "O" (Germany) tackles terror in the everyday, leaving not much room for relief. A cast that transforms your smile into grimace, while sound and visual effects sustain a slow degradation to imbalance with an excellent editing pace.
Horrific mention
Obfuscation; Karina Guzman, Alejandro Rivera; Mexico
"Ofusco" complies with all the canons of horror cinema. With a splendid photograph he walks us through a small town -or many- lost in time, where faith corrupts the purest between symbolic dialogues while perversion is satisfied leaving you as a witness.
Meantime; Guillaume Scaillet; France
"Meantime" from the beginning poses an aspect of horror that hangs over human interactions; the possibility of being alone in the face of an unexpected change and the body's response in a slow process of psychosis disguised as well-being. The story unfolds between a masterful photography and art direction, giving an unpredictable prominence to sound while leading us to a bloody search for inner peace.
National competition of fantastic and horror film short films.
The jurors Monica Trigo Director of the Brazilian festival Cinefantasy and president of the Fantlatam Alliance. Chris Perez Panamanian visual artist and Jairo Ramos Film and TV producer, producer of Estanislao, Panamanian short film. They Took the following deliberation:
Horrific mention
No te puedes mover; Ana Grethel Solis; Panama
"No te puedes mover" its solid narrative structure that always sustains a frenetic tension from beginning to end in a single space, using fear as a resource.
Recuerda; Alberto Serra; Panama
For his way of presenting the horror of a harsh reality such as illness and suicide.
Audience Award for Best Cinematography
Anthony Tapia; “La Tepesa Macabra y el robo de niños”; Panama
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