NINJA VS SHARK: Say Kon'nichiwa to Your Most Anticipated Film of 2023

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NINJA VS SHARK: Say Kon'nichiwa to Your Most Anticipated Film of 2023
We caught wind of this yesterday so we had to go looking for more information. Because you're like us. You see the words Ninja and Shark in the same title and YOU HAVE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT! NOW, GODSDAMNIT, NOW!!!
Here's what can gleam from translated information. Ninja vs Shark is an upcoming film from Sakamoto Koichi, stunt veteran and director of movies like Black Fox: Age of the Nija, and shows like Power Rangers, Ultraman and Kamen Rider. This guy lives and breathes action! 
A Japanese movie has finally entered the unprecedented shark movie boom, and it has been revealed that the new movie "Ninja VS Shark", which depicts the ultimate battle between ninjas and sharks, will be released on April 14th.
The setting is the Edo period, when the slaughtered corpses of villagers are found on the beach in Okitsu village, a remote area. Samejiro Mizuchi, the leader of the heresy group Koumashu, uses ninjutsu to force sharks to collect pearls from the villagers in order to gain the power of immortality. 
Frustrated by this situation, the village chief goes to see Kotaro Shiozaki, a bodyguard at a temple on the outskirts of the village, to ask for help. Kotaro accepts the job with a reward, but a female ninja named Kikuma appears in his path. Kotaro challenges Sameshirou to save the villagers, but what appears in front of him is a gigantic shark that doesn't seem to be of this world.
The upcoming film stars Kohshu Hirano (Ultraman Z) as Kotaro Shiozaki and Shun Nishime (Kamen Rider Ghost) as his partner, Shinsuke. Also part of the film's cast are pro wrestler Juria Nagano as the heroine Sayo, Kanon Miyahara (Kamen Rider Amazons) as Kikuma Momozono, and Yuichi Nakamura (Kamen Rider Den-O) as Sameshiro Mizuchi/Kiyomaru. (
Ninja vs Shark is set to premiere in Japan on April 14th. 
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