Kino Lorber End of Year: Best of 2022

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Looking back on the physical releases sent to me for review over the past year is a good personal reminder about the importance of physical media.

True, I stream a great deal. Still, it seems far more cost effective to build a collection of physical media than to subscribe to all the services that would give me access to everything in my collection.

Even then, much of what I'd want to access simply wouldn't be available; forget about commentaries and other special features that help me explore my love for cinema. Streaming works well as a way for me to keep current on newer stuff and I currently subscribe to Prime, Netflix and Shudder.

But I'm killing Netflix this year and opting instead for an AMC [movie theater] membership, as there's one right by my apartment. New technology and business models can mean more choice for consumers, but for those interested in curating a first class experience for themselves, physical media is still the way to go.

Click through the gallery below to read more about each release, available from Kino Lorber.

Les Vampires Blu-ray

One Kino title I’d wanted to get my hands on for awhile was Les Vampires (1915-1916), which is not, as the title suggests, a horror film but more along the lines of other French crime serials like Judex (1916) and Fantomas (1913).

I’ve really enjoyed the latter (thanks much to Tim Lucas for bringing them to my attention through his writing) and can’t resist the bat imagery used in the clips I’ve seen of the former.

The two-disc set contains 10 episodes that stretch out to about seven hours of content and, though there aren’t any special features to speak of, it did come with a nice slipcase and features a 1996 Cinematheque Francaise HD restoration.

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