HIGH HEAT Exclusive Clip: Whose Blood is That?

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HIGH HEAT Exclusive Clip: Whose Blood is That?
We have an exclusive clip from Zach Golden's High Heat, an action comedy thriller that will be in theaters, on Digital, and On Demand on December 16th, 2022.
Starring Don Johnson (Knives Out) and Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace). An ex-KGB operative turned chef, Ana (Kurylenko) is targeted by the local mafia in a hit on her new restaurant to collect on her husband's (Johnson) debt. Now, Ana must rely upon her lethal skills as she goes on a deadly rampage to take out the entire crime syndicate one-by-one to save her restaurant and survive the night in this action-packed crime thriller.
By all appearances the clip looks to happened around that time in any story where the ball has dropped and everyone now knows why they're trying to kill each other. Ana, has dispatched one or more unwanted guests in her kitchen and stuffed them in the freezer. Watch the trailer below. The scenes with the lone attacker and the meat slicer look like they precede this moment. Her husband stumbles onto the scene and makes the connection with the debt he owes the mafia. 
The exclusive clip and trailer follow.
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