ANGELS FALLEN : WARRIORS OF PEACE Trailer: Denise Richards Lends a Hand in a Fight Against The Undead

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ANGELS FALLEN : WARRIORS OF PEACE Trailer: Denise Richards Lends a Hand in a Fight Against The Undead
Uncork'd Entertainment have acquired Ali Zamani's Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace, starring Denise Richards, with plans to release the film next year.
When an Iraq War veteran receives a calling from a higher power, he embarks on a mission to stop a fallen angel from raising an army of the dead to take over the world.
The first trailer has been released while the film completes production. You can watch it below. It's... a thing. It's for fans of small budget action horror flicks that do the best they can with the resources they got. It's also for those inflicted with the evelasting crush on Richards herself. 
Uncork'd previously acquired the first Angels Fallen film from director back in 2020. 
Uncork’d Entertainment has acquired ANGELS FALLEN : WARRIORS OF PEACE, featuring Denise Richards, with plans to release the film summer 2023.
The horror feature sees Richards (Wild Things, The World is Not Enough, Starship Troopers, “Anger Management”) play a tough weapons expert alongside a cast that also includes The Raid 2’s Arifin Putra.
In the pic, hero Gabriel summons his demon slayer troupe, tagged ‘Warriors of Peace’ to fight a destructive army of the dead. Richards’ character supplies the team with the weapons they’ll need – ‘Q’ style.
"Denise Richards, in a real departure, is a force to be reckoned with in ANGELS FALLEN : WARRIORS OF PEACE as a gun-toting weapons expert. She has some fabulous action sequences, expertly directed by Ali Zamani, and her fans are going to eat it up.” said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. "With state-of-the-art effects, superb choreography, and a wonderful cast, there’s no denying ANGELS FALLEN : WARRIORS OF PEACE will be one of Uncork’d’s big ticket releases next summer.” 
Says producer Zeus Zamani, “We knew we needed a distributor that could appreciate and get behind a star-driven, wild horror romp. With their great track record, particularly within this genre, Uncork’d Entertainment is the perfect home for ANGELS FALLEN : WARRIORS OF PEACE.”  
Zamani negotiated the deal on behalf of the film team with Keith Leopard of Uncork'd Entertainment.
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