The GNOMES Are Coming To Fantastic Fest... And Feature Length Cinema

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The GNOMES Are Coming To Fantastic Fest... And Feature Length Cinema
For some time, Dutch director Ruwan Heggelman (Mime, I Can Fly) and producer Richard Raaphorst (director of Frankenstein's Army) have been working on several projects, but one of the funniest of these must be their gory short Gnomes. In it, a runner on her morning walk (played by Moïse Trustfull) takes a different route through the forest for a change, unaware that she enters the territory of a very aggressive tribe of minute fairy tale creatures... and they have plans with her.

Gnomes-poster.jpgFeaturing a wide selection of practical effects and puppetry stunts (courtesy of the Mad Scientists Movement's effects team), it is a wild ride and not one for the squeamish. And it will be playing at the Fantastic Fest next week as part of their Short Fuse program, so if you're there you can check this out for yourself..

But there's more news: Gnomes has also been shown around as an industry proof-of-concept at this year's Cannes festival, and successfully: a feature length film with these nasty critters is now in the planning phase.

To be continued...

Gnomes - Trailer (2022-08-31_1520) from Make Way Film on Vimeo.

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