Santiago Horror Joins Chilean Broadcaster ARTV For Weekly Genre Broadcasts

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Santiago Horror Joins Chilean Broadcaster ARTV For Weekly Genre Broadcasts
In 2020 we saw that one of the benefits of festivals that went virtual was that they had seen unprecidented viewership numbers once the program left the confines of a theater seating plan. We saw it with our friends at Fantasia and Fantaspoa for example. Likewise we saw our friends at Blood in the Snow work with the national cable channel Super Channel last year. In all cases their reach went from just regional to full on national exposure. 
Growing your brand is part of a festival's successful operation. The more people that you can reach during festival time the better. Also important is what your festival can do to stay in the public's eye when the festival is not running. We have the feeling that we are going to be writing a lot about our friends at the Santiago Horror Film Festival this year, because they get it. To build the brand you have to get out there to the people. 
SHFF announced today that they have teamed up with ARTV a Chilean culture and art channel to present a weekly broadcast called Santiago Horror, Presenta. Every Saturday night the program will share feature and short films that have played at the first three editions of the festival. 
No lineup has been announced yet but we encourage everyone is Chile to check it out when the program begins on May 8th. 
Santiago Horror: Joins ARTV, the first cultural channel in Chile!!!
It is an honor for all the team that is part of the festival to announce that Santiago Horror joins ARTV, the first channel of culture and art in Chile. In an unprecedented initiative within the Chilean film festival circuit, the “Santiago Horror Film Festival” is committed to massifying national and international fantastic film productions.
It is no longer a mystery that genre films can successfully reach audiences, but what about fantasy and horror films in our country? That is precisely what the Santiago Horror (SHFF) seeks to answer, a festival that in its fourth year of life joins the first Chilean art channel to bring to national homes the best of its past editions, with a sample of feature films and short films national and international of the highest quality.
The new space on ARTV will be called "Santiago Horror, Presenta" and will debut on Saturday May 8th. It will be part of a film series that will bring the best of Latin American and world cinema to all Chileans, including works from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, the United States, France, Spain, etc.
You can tune in to ARTV at:
Remember that "Santiago Horror, Presenta" will be broadcast every Saturday at 9:00 p.m. starting May 8, 2021. For more details on the schedule, you can visit the official SHFF website: and / or
Don't miss the opportunity to be a participant in the best fantasy genre cinema. There will always be more than one surprise waiting for you.
SANTIAGO HORROR: A unique fantasy & horror film encounter that you cannot miss!
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