WYVERN HILL: Watch This Teaser Trailer For a UK Indie Horror

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WYVERN HILL: Watch This Teaser Trailer For a UK Indie Horror
So here is something you may want to keep an eye out for. Have a look at this teaser trailer for Jonathan Zaurin's micro budget horror flick from the UK, Wyvern Hill
Beth, a mother in her 60s, is showing signs of Alzheimer disease. She is forced to move into a new home, in the country with her daughter, Jess, and Son in Law, Connor. She realizes only too late that something, or someone, has moved in with her.
Wyvern Hill has piqued our interest for a number of reasons. Despite its meager budget (and it is Meager with a capital M) it looks pretty good. Zuarin calls it a slasher with hints of Giallo. Zaurin also filmed Wyvern Hill during the pandemic, between the first and second lockdowns in the UK. The original draft was written by Keith Temple, who wrote one episode of Doctor Who and a bunch of East Enders. I mean, once you've written for East Enders? Come on! 
His lead actress is Pat Garrett, who among others things worked with Jim Henson and Frank Oz on some of our favorite Muppet movies. The rest of the crew includes world famous puppeteer Richard Coombes (Little Shop of Horrors, Black Mirror, Star Wars: Episode IX). Zuarin has a young actor, Mike Coombes, who he is very excited to have on board, playing a very dark character. Rounding out the notebles are director Pablo Raybould and actor Ben Manning from Raybould's werewolf film The Snarling.
Before you get to the trailer and a gallery of images - including that sharp, sharp, sharp, poster - down below I'll leave you with a couple of paragraphs from his director's statement. 
The film is a huge mix of influence, in fact it’s quite funny because it’s not always conscious. Keith doesn’t have a particular history with horror but I have been a huge fan since I can remember and it was important to me that I injected as much of what I love into this film as possible. 
The result is a weird mix of melodrama, heightened horror with ultra violent bouts of gore and a very creepy unsettling atmosphere (and of course a touch of humour).
What’s funny is that I edited an essay about Argento shortly after shooting Wyvern Hill for Arrow Video and all these influences just sort of got revealed to me by the essay. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of these influences, it’s just that I wasn’t aware to what extent they leaked into the film, from Argento to Bava (father and son) with a touch of Wes Craven, a lot of Carpenter and flashes of Tobe Hooper and a heavy influence from the 90s scene of music video and their elliptic edits. 

Wyvern Hill Teaser Trailer (2021) Horror Feature from LBS Films on Vimeo.

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