SATRIA DEWA: GATOTKACA: Teasers, Proofs of Concept & More For Indonesian Heroic Martial Arts Movie

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SATRIA DEWA: GATOTKACA: Teasers, Proofs of Concept & More For Indonesian Heroic Martial Arts Movie
It was back in September when we first talked about an ambitious project starting up in Indonesia called Satria Dewa. It will be an eight picture series of films based off of an Indonesia comic books series and production was underway at the end of the Summer. In and among that annoucement were two names that fans of indonesian action cinema should recognize, Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhiyan. Indeed. The baddies from both The Raid films and John Wick 3 were joining the cast. 
Filming of the first film Satria Dewa: Gatotkaca has been completed and the project now heads into post. A new trailer is being cut in hopes of presenting Satria Dewa: Gatotkaca to potential buyers at EFM in Berlin. In the meantime Screen Anarchy has been given a lot of stuff to share with you today, stuff that should do a good job of getting you excited about this new film. 
So what is in this treasure trove of heroic martial artts goodness? We have two concept teasers, a commercial for mints with a character from the movie and the character reveal teaser. We also have in the gallery down below some first look photos from the production. Bookend that gallery with some character posters and a shot of the cast and whatever Indonesia has in place of a cornucopia of goodies for you. 
Making a movie is never easy, but making a superhero movie during a global pandemic makes it even harder! But the team from Satria Dewa Studios pulled it off, and Indonesian superhero movie Satria Dewa: Gatotkaca completed its shoot despite the various challenges created by Covid 19.
The film is the first in creator Rene Ishak’s Satria Dewa universe, intended to launch a multi-movie series introducing a variety of heroes and villains based on Indonesian folk-lore and legend updated for a modern audience. The first film is Satria Dewa: Gatotkaca and tells the story of a young man struggling to find his way in the world, when dark forces enter his life and he is forced to embrace his destiny and become a hero.
A young Indonesian man named Yuda learns the shocking truth that he is the heir apparant to extraordinary powers and part of a long line of warriors raged in a war between good and evil that could tear our world apart. Yuda must embrace his destiny and fight the forces of evil, lead by Aswatama, a Kurawa warrior with plans to destroy the world as we know it and plunge mankind into an eternity of darkness.
The film is directed by Hanung Bramantyo (Brownies, The Robbers) from a script by Rahabi Mandra, based on Ishak’s original concepts and stars Rizky Nazar as Yuda the hero of the movie, along with Yasmin Napper, Omar Daniel, Yatti Surachman, Zsazsa Utari, Edward Akbar, Louis Jocom, Max Metino, Ismi Melinda and two very familiar faces from the world of Indonesian action cinema, Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhiyan. The films Producers are Rene Ishak and Mike Leeder.
The film is currently in post-production with the first trailer set for iminent release and a planned summer 2021 release on the cards.  In the meantime here’s some first look photos from production and the original character reveal teaser.
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