SURVIVAL SKILLS: Watch This Exclusive Clip From The Dark Comedy

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SURVIVAL SKILLS: Watch This Exclusive Clip From The Dark Comedy
Quinn Armstrong's Survival Skills is coming to On Demand and digital, with an eye on some limited theatrical play, across the U.S. at the beginning of December. Screen Anarchy has an exlusive clip to share with you today. You can see it, and the trailer, below. 
We open on a crackling VHS title sequence where our Narrator (Stacy Keach) introduces us to the movie, or, a police training video starring Jim (Vayu O’Donnell), a bright-eyed police cadet who is anxious to begin his life on the force. Good luck, Jim!
Our own Josh caught the film when it played during the collaborative virtual festival Nightstream. You can read his full review here. Here are a couple excerpts. 
Reminiscent of any number of workplace safety videos, many of which have found long lives on the internet thanks to YouTube, Survival Skills wears its absurdity on its sleeve, presenting Jim as a blank canvas on which to paint the paradox presented by the idea of effective policing.
Survival Skills is a well told story that utilizes a fascinating cultural relic to illustrate the disintegration of the American cop.
Survival Skills opens on demand and digital, December 4 with a limited theatrical planned ahead of its digital street date -- Friday, November 13th.
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