CONFESSIONS OF A NECROPHILE GIRL: Exclusive Images From Upcoming TetroVideo Release

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CONFESSIONS OF A NECROPHILE GIRL: Exclusive Images From Upcoming TetroVideo Release
For fans of the extreme we have two exclusive images from TetroVideo's upcoming release Confessions of a Necrophile Girl, directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (Ill Contagium, A Taste of Phobia, Phantasmagoria). We've written about Cristopharo's brand of horror in the past so we should all know that it slides right into the extreme. Very, extreme. So the following logline should not be a surprise for us. 
Karen relives the most important moments of her life through a video diary: from childhood to first love, to the scandal about her sexual attraction for corpses.
Confessions of a Necrophile Girl is part of TetroVideo's Tetromaniac series of releases, films that were inspired by real events. This story in particular is about Karen Greenlee, who worked at a funeral home in California in the 70s who confessed to having sex with the corpses of 20 to 40 young men. 
Grim stuff but we suppose there is a market for things like this out there. There's nothing risque about the images below so don't worry about anyone looking over your shoulder and seeing anything but the big bold title at the top. 
Directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Red Krokodil), Confessions of a Necrophile Girl is an erotic and disturbing drama film that is part of the TETROMANIAC series by TetroVideo (the shocking film series about the real stories involving criminals and serial killers). It has just finished post-production and it is set to come out in 2021.
Confessions of a Necrophile Girl is inspired by the true story of the American necrophile Karen Greenlee, played by Angela del Regno. Lorenzo Fedele (Vore / Gore), Dario Almerighi (Me and the Devil), Vincenzo Paliasc, Daniele Arturi (The House Guest), Alvia Reale (Tales to tell in the Dark), Chiara Pavoni (Xpiation), Andrea Autullo (Baby Gang), Paolo Di Gialluca (7 Sins) and Mario De Lillo also star.
In the 1970s, the 20 years old Karen Greenlee worked as an apprentice embalmer at a funeral home in California. In 1979 she stole the hearse to have sex with the corpse of a 33 years old man. The woman was found days later with a long written confession where she admitted her strong sexual attraction to the corpses, and having had sex with 20 to 40 other bodies of young men. In 1987, after a detailed interview, she changed her identity and moved to another city.
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