Lund Fantastic 2020: GINGER SNAPS Anniversary Screening Highlights Halloween Celebration

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Lund Fantastic 2020: GINGER SNAPS Anniversary Screening Highlights Halloween Celebration
Halloween is a couple weeks away and like it or not where you live in this World kind of dictates what kind of celebrating you're allowed to do. Our friends at Lund Fantastic in Sweden will announce their plans for their genre festival, but first, their plans for Halloween night. Because if your festival runs during Halloween then you better have some good programming planned for the most hallowed of nights. Luckily for those attending Lund this year the festival does. 
On Halloween night there will be a shorts program followed by a 20th anniversary screening of the Canadian horror classic, Gingersnaps. We Canadians are honored by this decision to play one of our most lauded horror offerings. We will continue to buy your ready-to-assembly furniture and meatballs in return. 
The evening will conclude with a ghost tour around the city of Lund. Sounds like a great night. 
The festival is due to announce their full program for this year's hybrid edition. Stay tuned. 
Halloween Comes to Lund Fantastic 2020
Not only is the 26th edition of the Lund Fantastic Film Festival just around the corner (Oct. 28 - Nov. 1), this year’s celebration of the best in international genre cinema overlaps with the most ghoulish of holidays: Halloween! 
It’s a match made in heaven (or hell) and Lund Fantastic wants to show you a good time on the year’s creepiest day with a trio of treats for Halloween fans.
On October 31, the evening kicks off at 7 pm with a package of Halloween Horror shorts.
Five fantastic, horrifying films that will keep you weary of late nights at the station, truly uneasy in the comfort of your own home, be it bedroom or bath, or haunted by countryside lore and the whispers from the unknown. Halloween Horror features: A Tale Best Forgotten (Tomas Stark), Abracitos (Tony Morales), Milk Teeth (Felipe Vargas), Platform (Mark Pluck) and Shadow At The Door (Roshni “Rush” Bhatia).
Continuing the seasonal chills, Lund Fantastic is thrilled to bring John Fawcett’s Ginger Snaps back to the big screen for a special 20th anniversary screening at 8 pm. Easily one of the most original werewolf movies to date, Fawcett’s debut offers teen horror from a feminist perspective as Ginger Fitzgerald (Katharine Isabelle) is confronted with strange bodily transformations after being bitten by the beast of Bailey Downs on the night of her first period.
Ginger Snaps guarantees a bloody good time, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to revisit the cult classic on the big screen - on the day of a full moon no less!
Following the frights at Kino, festival-goers can take to the streets for a 10 pm ghost tour that starts right in front of Lund’s gothic Cathedral. 
What’s better than a ghost story or gruesome old murder mystery? On Halloween, join us for a different tour in the center of Lund, where you will hear about the ghosts, murders, massacres, strange people and other odd events and phenomena in Lund's ancient and dark history.
Getting into the seasonal spirit by dressing up is highly recommended.
October 31: 7 - 11 pm
- Halloween Horror Shorts (7 pm - Kino) 
- Ginger Snaps (8 pm - Kino)
- Ghost tour (10 pm - in front of Lund’s Cathedral), followed by a nightcap with snacks
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