Blood Window 2020: Official Selection Projects for Blood Window LAB 2020

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Blood Window 2020: Official Selection Projects for Blood Window LAB 2020
Today Blood Window announced the 15 projects selected for the official Blood Window LAB, part of the genre program at the Ventana Sur co production market in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
With a lot of filmmakers chomping at the bit to make movies post-pandemic there were a record 214 projects submitted from Latin American countries this year. Of the fifteen project chosen six would be directed by women and another seven would be produced by women as well. Not bad, not bad at all. 
I have a number of friends with projects in the market this year. Sandra Arriagada (Apps) has a project called Matria which would be produced by Trauma's Lucio Rojas. Jimena Monteoliva (Matar al dragon, Clementina) would produce El cuerpo de Carla yace junto al tuyo under the Crudo Films banner. And Juan Diego Escobar Alzate (Luz The Flower of Evil) is bringing his new project, the Lovecraftan folk horror spaghetti western El arcoíris negro or it's wonderful nombre en ingles Searching for the Black Rainbow. There is no other information about the projects and will not be until the market at the end of next month. 
And of course another friend of mine, Falvio Greco Paglia once again knocked it out of the park with a killer poster for this year's edition, merely hinted at in the banner above. God, I hate him so much. 
We will be participating once again in this year's edition from the comfort of our own home as the festival moves to a virtual edition under the shadow of the current pandemic. We wish good luck to everyone participating in year's market. 
Announcing: Official Selection of Projects for Blood Window LAB 2020
We are happy to announce the official Blood Window LAB selection of the Blood Window Program at Ventana Sur 2020. For the first time, the event will be online from November 30 to December 4.
This year we had a record in submissions: 214 projects were submitted from countries throughout Latin America
Our Line-up has 15 Latin American projects in the development stage and in search of financing. In addition, a selection of international projects were invited to spotlight at international Industry events.
The representatives of the selected projects will participate in business rounds, video pitch sessions, conferences and panels. Also, they will have access to 1on1 meetings with representatives of the industry.
Our strategic allies for this edition
Details of the awards here
Blood Window: 
Blood Window specializes in fantasy genre cinema and includes a wide variety of activities such as film screenings, networking events and pitch sessions for projects that are seeking funding.
The main objective is to promote Iberoamerican talented filmmakers in the international film festivals and markets, exploring their potential with the support of professionals specialized in the horror and fantasy genre.
La casa del monstruo
Thriller, Drama
Dir. Xavier Chávez
Prod. Ivonne Campoverde (PerrosObesos)
El camión
Horror, Thriller
Dir. Raúl Camarena
Prod. Mariana San Esteban (Pocket Pictures)
Horror , Suspense
Dir.Diego Ortuño
Prod. Michelle Echeverría (Dominio Digital)
Chile, Argentina, España
Horror, Gore
Dir. Sandra Arriagada
Prod. Lucio Rojas (Femtastica Films)
El Amo
México, Venezuela, España
Horror, Suspense
Dir. Antonio Maya Villarreal
Prod. Ángel Linares (Cinematográfica Libres S.A.S. de C.V.)
El cuerpo de Carla yace junto al tuyo
Horror, Suspense
Dir. Bernardo Bronstein
Prod. Jimena Monteoliva (Crudo Films)
La Sirena de Monterrey
Horror, Gore
Dir. Marlene Grinberg
Prod. Araquen Rodriguez (Pelicano Cine)
El arcoíris negro
Argentina, Colombia
Horror, Suspense
Dir. Juan Diego Escobar Alzate
Prod. Javier Diaz (Coruya Cine SLR)
Donde sopla el viento frío
Science Fiction, Thriller
Dir. Gwenn Joyaux
Prod. Aldana Aprile (Girovant)
Flores en in jardín
Dir. Irene Romero
Prod. Natalia Rendon (Tusaji Coach and Casting)
Medo Imortal
Horror, Thriller
Dir. Mariana Thome (Desterro Filmes)
El conserje y la eternidad
Horror, Thriller
Dir. Marcelo Schapces
Prod. María Vacas (Barakacine SRL)
El Traje
Horror, Thriller
Dir. Daniel González
Prod.  Rene Ruiz Diaz (Urban Achievers)
La Casa de las Puertas y Ventanas
Dir. Sabrina Moreno
Prod. María Belén Poncio (Belen Producciones)
Dir. Diego Lopes & Claudio Bitencourt
Prod. Diego Lopes (Oger Sepol)
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