BEAUTY WATER Trailer: Mom, I Need Your Skin

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BEAUTY WATER Trailer: Mom, I Need Your Skin

The first teaser for the upcoming Korean animated film Beauty Water definitely piqued my interest, and now the first trailer lays it all out: Saying goodbye to the face you know will lead to deadly consequences.

Directed by Cho Kyung-hun, the film has been described as follows: "In a society as obsessed with physical appearance as modern South Korea, ugliness is a fate worse than death. For overweight, unsightly Yaeji, though, a fast but suspicious solution to her woes may soon make her wish she were dead. Beauty is skin-deep, but body horror chills to the bone!"

Edko Films will release the film on October 8, 2020. More information as it becomes available. For now, please enjoy the new trailer below, even if it's with your old face.

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