RED WHITE & WASTED Trailer: A Family of Florida Mudders Struggle Against Change

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RED WHITE & WASTED Trailer: A Family of Florida Mudders Struggle Against Change
If the Florida Man Meme were a documentary, Red White & Wasted from Andrei Bowden-Schwartz and Sam B. Jones, would be a strong contender. 
Screen Anarchy was sent the trailer to share with you today, and because we've seen it you have to see it too. 
Darkstar Pictures is releasing their doc, about a family of Florida mudders coming to terms with change and progress as they face the disappearance of the last mudhole where they race their monster trucks. This has everything you think a movie about a family of mudders in Florida would have. Confederate flags, Trump, Bumper stickers, Loose women and the excessive burning of fossil fuels. It looks kind of wonderfully bonkers and fucked up. 
Darkstar are planning to release it in cinemas on September 11th. But probably not in Florida because, you know, the plague is in top form in the state these days. That governer of their's though, he might have something to say about that. 
Wait for it to come out on VOD and On Demand on September 22nd. There are more important things to do on September 11th than watch a movie.
Red White & Wasted was produced by Noah Lang (Here Alone, VFW).
An unapologetic look at race, class and polarized politics manifest themselves in unexpected and very messy ways in director Andrei Bowden-Schwartz and Sam B. Jones’ Red White & Wasted, coming this September from Dark Star Pictures.
Red White & Wasted follows a family of mudding enthusiasts as the last mudhole in Orlando, Florida goes up in flames and they are forced to reconsider their way of life in a city that doesn’t have room for them anymore.
Featuring an original score from The Blair Brothers (Green Room, Blue Ruin), Red White & Wasted debuted to widespread critical praise when it debuted at Tribeca.
Red White & Wasted premieres in select theaters September 11 and will be available On Demand and DVD September 22.
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