Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2020 Reveals Poster And Announces Hybrid Edition

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Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2020 Reveals Poster And Announces Hybrid Edition
The World watched as Sweden shied away from locking everyone up indoors during their turn at the pandemic sweepstakes. Hell bent on continuing to meet the global demand for easy to build furniture the country remained open and by all accounts they made it out no worse to wear than anyone else. 
Must be the ABBA. 
So then it must be okay to host a physical film festival in the Fall then, right? Kind of. 
Anyone who can host a physical festival is trying to do so on timing. Timing between the waves of the pandemic. Our friends at Lund Fantastic are hoping that they can sneak in their hybrid version of this year's festival before the second wave hits. There will definitely be an online componant, in partner with Spamflix, but they're hoping they can also have socially responsable analog screenings as well. 
We shall see. We shall see.
In the meantime, the festival has released this year's poster, designed by local artist Thea Arnman. It's pretty nifty stuff. We like it. 
Lund Fantastic 2020 poster 860.jpg
As the end of October nears we will keep you all up to speed on the state of Lund Fantastic and this year's lineup. 
At age 26, Lund Fantastic shows no signs of slowing down and is proud to go through with its 2020 edition (October 28 - November 1), even if the current state of the world brings changes to the usual format. 
For its 26th edition, Lund Fantastic chooses to host the majority of its screenings online. For the second year in a row, the festival partners with Spamflix - a VOD platform with a focus on cult content - to support the online segment of the festival. Alongside the virtual segment, the festival will host a select few physical screenings, in Lund, during the 5-day festival. 
Statement by festival director, Maritte Sørensen:
“We acknowledge what is happening in the world and the film industry and do our best to adapt in the best possible way, with the means that we have. Worst case scenario for us would be to cancel our festival due to a second wave of Covid-19 and we have therefore made the decision to implement a hybrid model for the festival 2020. Our physical screenings are of course only possible if things don't get worse, but by having an online segment, we ensure we can present a line-up for our audience, no matter what.”
In addition to announcing its hybrid format, Lund Fantastic is also excited to share the poster of this year’s edition, designed by local artist Thea Arnman. The festival’s constant development and the analog origin of film serve as major inspirations for the 2020 poster.
Arnman’s art tends to incorporate different media and moves between the borders of beauty, the horrific and the grotesque. A closer look at her work can be found on instagram (@crystalduzzt) and in the gallery below.
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