Fantaspoa 2020: Presenting The Online Quarantine Shorts Festival And Two Special Screenings With a Live Score

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Fantaspoa 2020: Presenting The Online Quarantine Shorts Festival And Two Special Screenings With a Live Score
Our friends at Fantaspoa are doing their darndest to keep fans of genre cinema entertained during this season of pandemic. At the beginning of April they announced a short film contest and now it is time to watch the selection of 35 films at Submissions include short films from folks like Martín Blousson, editor of Argentine black comedy Rock, Paper Scissors and Owen Egerton, writer and director of Blood Fest.
From there you can watch all the films then vote for your favorite by liking them. The films that get the most likes on YouTube will be the winners of their respective categories.
Fantaspoa is also presenting two very cool virtual screenings of Nosferatu, tomorrow May 3rd, and Genuine, next Sunday May 10th. You can watch the films on Fantaspoa`s Facebook page and both films will be live scored by Brazilian musician and producer Diego Poloni.
We are all trying to get through these strange days together and folks like Fantaspoa are helping make these days a little bit cooler. 
Fantaspoa - Porto Alegre International Fantastic Film Festival, announces the return of its traditional partnership with Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre in two live score screenings that will be broadcasted via Facebook and Instagram.
Both screening sessions will be led by the Brazilian musician and producer, Diego Poloni, who will present his own compositions created in quarantine for the German expressionism classics “Nosferatu” (F.W. Murnau) – May 3rd -  and “Genuine” (Robert Wiene) –  May 10th – To watch the film, you need to access /Fantaspoa, while on you will be able to see Diego Poloni playing the soundtrack in a midi controller ableton push and a sampler akai mpc500..
The Fantaspoa At Home Film Contest, an initiative that aims to emphasize the need for social isolation and stimulate film production during the quarantine period, has its selection of short films completed.
Amongst over 90 entries received, 35 films were selected, for 3 different categories: international, national and regional. Ten countries are represented in this selection, once again affirming the international aspect of Fantaspoa. Some familiar names are amongst the selected, such as Martín Blousson (Rock, Paper Scissors), Owen Egerton (Blood Fest), Minos Nikolakakis (Entwined) and Fabrício Bittar (Terminators of the Beyond Against the Blonde of the Bathroom).
All selected short films respected the recommendations of social distance and highlighted the creativity of the filmmakers in producing in limited conditions and interpreting this unique moment we’re living. The fees collected with the entries will be destined to the crowdfunding campaign of XVI Fantaspoa, which is available at The campaign has already reached 62% of its goal and will be online until 11/05 with exclusive perks for supporters - including rare items for collectors and useful services for filmmakers.
The 35 short films will be available for streaming on the platform starting this Friday, May 1st, when the popular vote will also start to decide the festival winners. The voting period will end on May 10, when the chosen ones from each category will be announced.
Check out the titles selected at the Fantaspoa At Home Film Contest:
21 Days In (Mark Hensely, USA) 
21/3, 08.00am (Minos Nikolakakis, Greece)
Baldomero (Martín Blousson, Argentina)
Contaminated (Brian Klewin, USA)
Eclosión (Alejo Rébora, Argentina)
Head Home (Owen Egerton’s Family, USA)
Home Invasion (Sergio Guerra, USA)
Killer Brownie (Ignacio López Vacas, Spain)
Roach (Emerson Niemchick, USA)
Scoped Out (Adam Rebora, Miles Strong Austin, USA)
Strain Roulette (Andreas Kyriacou, Cyprus)
The Last Day (Guillermo Carbonell, Uruguay)
The Masque of the Red Death (Deb Ethier, Canada)
Unearthed (Karl Holt, United Kingdom)
What Am I? (Dmitriy Tomashpolski, Ukraine)
Adventício (Abdiel Anselmo)
Às Vezes Ela Volta (Matheus Maltempi)
Depois do Sétimo Dia (Débora Cancio, Lisa Alves)
Disneyloka 2093 (Erick Ricco)
Estúpidemia (Junior Larethian)
Jérôme: A Christmas Carol (Beatriz Saldanha)
A Mancha na Parede (Daniel Pires)
Maze (Bruno Mata)
Pique Esconde Macabro (Julio Napoli)
Pra Ficar Perto (Lucas Reis) 
Preso Comigo (Caio Shindo)
Psicopompo (Giordano Gio)
Quarentena (Fernando Mantelli)
Quarentena Sem Fim (Fabrício Bittar)
Writer's Duet (Felipe Iesbick)
2022 (Fabio Spolti)
Esta Noite, Só (Allan Riggs, William Nunes)
Estúpidemia (Junior Larethian)
Ib Clausus (Fabi Ud)
O Céu da Pandemia (Marina Kerber)
Pra Ficar Perto (Lucas dos Reis)
Psicopompo (Giordano Gio)
Quarentena (Fernando Mantelli)
Sem Segredos (Rafael Santos)
Write’s Duet (Felipe Iesbick)
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