THE DEVIL´S TAIL: Shooting Begins For New Argentine Anthology Horror Film

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THE DEVIL´S TAIL: Shooting Begins For New Argentine Anthology Horror Film
Some of my friends in Argentina began working on a new horror anthology flick this week, The Devil's Tail, with a wrap around directed by Taz Pereyra. Nico Onetti (What the Waters Left Behind) is on board as the creative director and his Abrakadabra star María Eugenia Rigón stars in the piece as the senior nurse.Black Mandala Pictures is producing. 
Bruno Giacobbe, who was the Hombre Palido (Pallid Man) in Demian Rugna's Terrified once again lends his slender frame for the role of Mr. Moore. 
Pereyra will make her directorial debut with this wraparound story for The Devil's Tail. She has worked with Onetti often, designing costumers for Abrakadabra, A Night of Horror and Asylum. This latest anthology curated by Onetti will feature short horror films from only women directors. 
At our request Onetti passed along a collection of stills and a quick press release, which follow. 
The shooting of horror film “THE DEVIL´S TAIL” began this week. 
The story is based on a tale of Mauro Croche, one of the most famous horror novelists of Latin America.
A young nurse begins her shift at an old city hospital. The oldest nurse tells that a patient, Mr. Moore, entered the hospital in the 1970s. His body was completely burned after a fire. Mr. Moore was operated urgently by the doctors, and they left him in the old dark pavilion 3. No one wanted to attend to Mr. Moore, the pain and drugs had driven him crazy. From the hallway his teeth were heard trying to bite anyone who approached him, so he was tied to the bed. One night one of the nurses came to the call from her room, but did not find him. His bed was empty. Nothing was heard from Mr. Moore anymore. Soon pavilion 3 was closed. A bell interrupts the tale of the nurse. The call comes from pavilion 3.
The film is a new production of BLACK MANDALA FILMS and is directed by Taz Pereyra. Nicolás Onetti is the Creative Director of the movie wich stars Florencia Antonucci (“Anomalía”), Bruno Giacobbe (“Terrified”), María Eugenia Rigón (“Abrakadabra”) and Raymond Lee (“Asylum”). 
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