Exclusive I HATE THE MAN IN MY BASEMENT Trailer Debut

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Exclusive I HATE THE MAN IN MY BASEMENT Trailer Debut

To be clear, this post is about I Hate the Man in My Basement, a film written and directed by Dustin Cook. It is *not* a confession on my part.

What I will admit: I do not have a basement. (I live in an apartment.) Even if I *did* have a basement, I hope that I would never ever be tempted to do what is depicted in the trailer for the film. Please read the official synopsis below:

"Lonely and isolated, Claude is still grieving the murder of his wife. When he's reluctantly coerced by his obnoxious co-worker to join him for some salsa lessons, Claude develops an unexpected crush on his instructor Kyra. Unfortunately, he's not sure how to move forward with this budding romance since he still has an unconventional situation in his basement."

Now, "still grieving" and "unexpected crush" are things that I have experienced, but, again, I do not have an "unconventional situation" in my basement. Since I do not have a basement.

Manny Montana, Chris Marquette and Nora-Jane Noone star. I Hate the Man in My Basement will release on March 10, 2020, from Gravitas Ventures. Watch the exclusive trailer debut below.

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