INVASION PLANET EARTH Exclusive Clip: Hitch a Ride to The Mother Ship

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INVASION PLANET EARTH Exclusive Clip: Hitch a Ride to The Mother Ship
Screen Anarchy is pleased to present to you this morning an exclusive from the UK indie sci fi flick, Invasion Planet Earth.
A micro-budget sci-fi UK film that’s been 20 years in the making, INVASION PLANET EARTH is much more than a British Independence Day. With filmmaking efforts reminiscent of early Roger Corman and a nod to the sci-fi programs of the ’70s and ’80s like Doctor Who and Buck Rogers as well as the more recent Torchwood, INVASION PLANET EARTH will appeal not only to science fiction audiences but fans of multiple genres.  
In our exclusive clip Thomas hitches a ride into the Mother Ship. We get this sort of giddy excitement watching this clip and its can-do spirit. Completely micro-budget in its approach its an honest and unapologetic effort to thrill and harkens back to the days when computer aided effects were breaking new ground in shows like Sam Raimi's Cleopatra 2525. It's the first show that came to mind when we were watching this clip. 
Enjoy it for what it is.  
After the death of his young daughter, Thomas Dunn is a broken man. When his wife falls pregnant again, he cannot believe their luck. However, his joy is short lived, as on the very same day, the people of Earth become plagued with terrifying visions of the end of the world. 
When a gigantic, all-consuming alien mothership appears in the sky and launches a ruthless attack on Earth’s cities, chaos and destruction follows! 
Tom must find the strength and wisdom to save his wife and unborn child. However, first he must confront a shocking truth. A truth which threatens the key to the survival of the human race.
Invasion Planet Earth stars Simon Haycock, Lucy Drive, Toyah Willcox, Sophie Anderson, Julie Hoult, Danny Steele and Ian Brooker. It arrives on VOD & Digital HD on leading gigital platforms & DVD on February 4th from 4Digital Media. 
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