KNIVES AND SKIN: New Trailer Cuts to the Moody Bone

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KNIVES AND SKIN: New Trailer Cuts to the Moody Bone

A teenager disappears and no one knows what happened, except that it must be a living nightmare.

Jennifer Reeder's moody noir Knives and Skin might draw comparisons to other modern noirs, such as Blue Velvet or Brick, but it walks its own path, according to our own Shelagh Rowan-Legg: "This is a film entirely of its own kind, one steeped in knowledge of the oddities of family life, the love of 80s music, and teenage girls' experiences, fraught with known and unknown dangers." (Read the entire review here.)

Shelagh's review is great, and makes me want to see the movie. I also like this official description:

"What happened to Carolyn Harper? Part suburban nightmare, part neon-soaked teenage fever dream, this tantalizing mystery traces the wave of fear and distrust that spreads across a small Midwestern town in the wake of a high school girl's mysterious disappearance.

"As the loneliness and darkness lurking beneath the veneer of everyday life gradually comes to light, a collective awakening seems to overcome the town's teenage girls--gathering in force until it can no longer be contained. Unfolding in a hallucinatory haze of lushly surreal images, Knives and Skin is a one-of-a-kind coming-of-age noir that haunts like a half-remembered dream."

Marika Engelhardt, Audrey Francis, Tim Hopper and Kate Arrington star. IFC Midnight will be releasing Knives and Skin in theaters, On Demand and digital on Friday, December 6, 2019.

A new trailer very effectively delivers the mood, as well as gloom and angst and mystery. Watch it below.

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