SUBJECT: Check Out This Teaser Poster For Aussie Thriller From Tristan Barr

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SUBJECT: Check Out This Teaser Poster For Aussie Thriller From Tristan Barr
Screen Anarchy has been asked to present to you the teaser poster for an upcoming thriller from Australia called Subject. It is a nifty piece of teaser work. We like it. 
Reading through the accompanying press release we read that Subject was at first presented to be a short film. Whether the short form was just part of a larger idea or not it does not say, but the production company saw the potential to make Subject a feature length film so they moved right into it. 
Thematically, Subject appears to fall in line with writer Vincent Befi's first film he wrote, Intervention, about a woman with no memory becoming  the subject of sinister psychological experiments. Someone has a mad science fetish. 
Sign on The Leftovers' Stephen Phillips and you have yourself a deal. The film's announcement follows the nifty teaser poster. 
Subject poster 1 .jpg
SUBJECT, written by Los Angeles native Vincent Befi, will be the next film from award-winning Australian filmmaker Tristan Barr.  
Barr and David Gim will produce SUBJECT under their Continuance Pictures label. 
The complex, frightening story of a prison inmate chosen to participate in a secretive government study, SUBJECT was originally submitted to Continuance Pictures for a short film initiative they were running called ‘Continue’. Producers Barr and Gim saw something even greater than a short within the high-concept screenplay and approached Befi about a feature version. 
Australian actor Stephen Phillips (TV’s “The Leftovers”, “Winners & Losers”) will headline the film, with Gabriel Seow, Cecilia Low and Barr co-starring. 
“Stephen is the perfect fit. He’s exceedingly talented and yet to really break out, which is what you want in actors for a found footage project like this,” says Barr. 
SUBJECT will be shot in Melbourne, Australia later this year and is expected for a 2020 release date. 
Continuance Pictures is a leading film production company based in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. Continuance strives to support emerging filmmakers in their pursuit of innovative, creative and humbly bold films that matter.
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