Toronto 2019 Exclusive: We Have The CRAZY WORLD Poster And Stills From Wakaliwood Martial Arts Action Flick

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Toronto 2019 Exclusive: We Have The CRAZY WORLD Poster And Stills From Wakaliwood Martial Arts Action Flick
If there is a better way to close out the Midnight Madness program at TIFF no one has suggested it yet. This Saturday, Ugandan filmmaker IGG Nabwana comes to Canada for the fist time to present the world premiere of his new martial arts action film, Crazy World.
Nabwana's films have played at festivals and rep cinemas around the World but this is the first time he has been able to come with a film of his. This is a very special treat indeed. 
Speaking of treats, Screen Anarchy, long time supporter of this amazing DIY and goshdarnit entertaining filmmaker, is pleased to share with you today exclusive poster and stills from the Midnight Madness closer. The African tradition of hand painted poster is alive and well with this one. 
In the latest from Uganda’s gonzo action auteur IGG Nabwana, a gang of child-snatching mobsters make a fatal mistake when they kidnap the Waka Stars, a team of pint-sized kung-fu masters who soon turn their cunning wits and deadly skills upon their captors.
Conceived by Nabwana as a pre-emptive measure to discourage the kidnapping of his own children (seriously), Crazy World opens with the notorious Tiger Mafia (a frequent Wakaliwood antagonist) embarking on a child-abduction spree. Intending to sacrifice children in a misguided belief that their blood contains magical properties, the criminals make a crucial mistake when they snatch the WAKA STARS, Uganda's pint-sized kung-fu masters. Before long, these badass brats start applying their martial-arts prowess and cunning wits to escape their captors, while their desperate parents commence a rescue/revenge mission of their own.
And if you have not heard already, Ugandan cinema has this very special feature that is called the Video Joker, a narrator who provides, more or less, play by play commentary on this film. Usually the Video Joker comes part and parcel with the film audio except this Saturday night the Video Joker will be in the house delivering pure gold. 
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