The Dutch Camera Japan Festival 2019 Is Upon Us

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The Dutch Camera Japan Festival 2019 Is Upon Us
As the end of September nears, so does one of the most fun yearly Dutch film events: the Camera Japan Film Festival! Dedicated entirely to Japanese films, food and (other) culture, this festival visits Rotterdam from the 25th till the 29th of September, and Amsterdam from the 3rd to the 6th of October.

This is one of the few events which allow us Dutch to see anime in a theater. There is also a pop-up market where you can buy food, books, music, trinkets, there will be many live performances, and even some workshops: this year you can even learn how to make your Bento lunch box resemble an anime character.

Attending is always a lot of fun and the festival feautures a pretty good selection of Japanese films from the past year, from the anime Penguin Highway to the Machine Girl reboot (named Rise of the Machine Girls). The central theme this year is youth, and controversial classics like Tetsuo and Crazed Fruit will be shown as well.

Ticket sales have started, so check out the fest's programme here. And take a look at the trailer below.
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