ISABELLE Clip: Someone is in The House

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ISABELLE Clip: Someone is in The House

Well. We had a lot of clever prose here about this early look at Rob Heydon's psychological thriller Isabelle. Damn clever stuff that also included a very reaching reference to a sketch from Monty Python. Yes. It was THAT clever.

See? When you walk into a nursery and you see a woman with blazing red eyes your first thought should not be 'call the police'. I would call the church. Then I would refer that Python sketch where they call the 'church police'. Damn shame losing that. 

Somehow, technology does not have a sense of humor and all that prose has been lost into the inernet ether. The clip still remains. Have a look at it below. 

Heydon's film opens an exclusive theatrical run at the Carlton here in Toronto on June 28th. There is a wider release planned for the States the same day. 

Ha. Call the church police. 

ISABELLE Trailer 2018 from LightVAULT on Vimeo.

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