MIDSOMMAR Trailer: Ari Aster Sheds More Sunlight on Rural Horror

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MIDSOMMAR Trailer: Ari Aster Sheds More Sunlight on Rural Horror

Few filmmakers are able to take horror out from the shadows of nightfall and bring terror out into the daylight. So bent on knowing what lurks in the dark it is the night where most of our nightmares happen. However, it looks like Ari Aster's new folk horror Midsommar is determined to make us scared of the daylight.

And the Swedish. 

The second trailer for his new film dropped earlier today; not unlike an ardent follower does from a small cliff during it's two and a half minute wait time (blink and you'll miss the result of that, at 2:15). Still much remains a mystery.

We find out that Dani (Florence Pugh) and Christian (Jack Reynor) are in a strained relationship and that she tags along with him and his friends Mark (William Jackson Harper), Josh (Will Poulter) and Ulf (Henrik Norlen) to Sweden for a Summer festival that happens every ninty years. Then it gets weird.

How weird? Well we do see hallucinagenic drinks, broken legs, a gutted bear, a mallet that is just to big for your average nails, bloody hands across an alter, and so forth. If this is what Aster and company are willing to show us now, imagine what else they have in store for us throughout the rest of his film. 

Midsommer rolls into cinemas on July 3rd. 

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