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Check out "The Last Daves", starring Dylan Llewellyn - Latest film by Bill Hutchens

Kim Sønderholm
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Check out "The Last Daves", starring Dylan Llewellyn - Latest film by Bill Hutchens

An Indiegogo page has just been opened for the latest Bill Hutchens directed venture, "The Last Daves", starring Dylan Llewellyn, best known from TV's "Hollyoaks", "Hollyoaks Later", "The Bill" and "Holby City"

The director himself is aswell very wellknown for his acting in films such as "The Human Centipede 2+3", "Reyes" and "Your Flesh, Your Curse". Hutchens himself also star in the film, along with Iulia Verdes, Nadine Hanwell, Scott Hinds, Francesca Pellegrin


We live in a world where we have all the tools (eg nuclear and chemical weapons) of our own destruction. Combine that with man's ego, greed, conflicting ideologies and our seemingly inherent need to fight, and even the most optimistic amongst us are fearful that some kind of devastating event is always just one bad decision away. 

One of the reasons I was drawn to The Last Daves is that it is a story about two very different men who have to find a way to get along in a world that has largely been destroyed because of the inability of people to get along. 

The fallout of the conflict is that almost all of the still existing humanity has been turned into inhuman beings. But we never see them, because whatever the external challenges are, if we can't find a way to get along with our neighbour we are doomed anyway. 

The two men (the last Daves) slowly start to form a bond, despite their significant differences, though it is far from a smooth, linear progression. That bond is challenged by basic questions of what you would do to survive, and what the consequences of those actions might be. But if they, and we, are to survive, a way to coexist must be found. 

The inspiration for the look of the film comes from Gerrit van Honthorst and other artists of his time. 

More information on the campaign here

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