Z-GOAT: FIRST BLEAT Teaser: A New Monster For the New Year

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Z-GOAT: FIRST BLEAT Teaser: A New Monster For the New Year

The Chinese zodiac might claim 2019 is the year of the pig, but if co-directors Julien Jauniaux and Bertrand Leplae have their way, it will very much be a year of the goat, an other-dimensional one at that!

Getting ready to hit the festival circuit, Z-Goat: First Bleat sounds primed for midnight viewings and potential cult success. The dystopic short is set in a dying world and centers on a creepy confrontation with a cosmic goat abomination. As if that isn't tantalizing enough, Z-Goat: First Bleat is set to be an unabashed love-letter to old school genre efforts with practical effects and a killer monster costume.

Starring Océane Weyer and Hugues Hausman, with music by Timothy Fife and effects work handled by Squid Lab (Daphnée Beaulieux and Erwan Simon), you can catch a glimpse of the horror to come in the teaser below.


Z-GOAT: First Bleat /// TEASER from Julien Jauniaux on Vimeo.

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