SOLDIER OF WAR: New Trailer And Poster Ahead of March Release

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SOLDIER OF WAR: New Trailer And Poster Ahead of March Release
This a is public service announcment.
To those of you who say to yourselves every morning when you wake up, "Self. You know what you need? Another Nazi horror flick". 
The folks at Uncork'd Entertainment are distributing producer John Adams' 2015 directorial debut, the Nazi horror flick Solder of War, starring genre veteran John Rhys-Davies, on VOD on March 3rd, followed by a DVD release on April 9th. 
There is a new poster and trailer to mark the occasion. Have a look.
How do you fight the undead?
An undead soldier rises in Uncork’d Entertainment’s SOLDIER OF WAR this March!
In an acclaimed, award-winning performance, John Rhys-Davies (the Indiana Jones films, Lord of the Rings trilogy) faces a monstrous adversary from his past in SOLDIER OF WAR, available on demand this March.
Deep in the forest, two boys discover the entrance to a secret military bunker hidden since World War II and inadvertently awaken an undead soldier, who embarks on a grotesque, ritualistic killing spree. A police investigation begins, but one by one the police and other locals are murdered. Only a World War II veteran holds the secret to stop the killings, but will anybody believe him?           
From director John Adams, and starring John Rhys-Davies, Rosie Fellner, and Tanya Franks, SOLDIER OF WAR on VOD March 3rd and DVD April 9th from Uncork’d Entertainment.
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