Exclusive BEYOND THE NIGHT Clip: The Silence of Grief

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Exclusive BEYOND THE NIGHT Clip: The Silence of Grief

A slow-burn thriller, Beyond the Night is soaked in grief, and that is aptly revealed in our exclusive clip from the film, which will open theatrically in Los Angeles on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Zane Holtz stars as Ray Morrow, a soldier who must return early from his tour of duty in order to care for his son after the death of his wife (as illustrated in the clip, which concludes with a moment of hope). His son begins to react strongly to the loss of his mother, 'acting out,' which is entirely to be expected. Yet then the boy begins to exhibit a stranger reaction which upsets the entire town.

Here's the official synopsis: "Beyond the Night is a mysterious thriller, revealing that some secrets don't die. When soldier Ray Marrow's son reveals damning information about a local gangster's missing daughter, a war of attrition wreaks havoc on their forgotten coal-mining town.

"Director Jason Noto brilliantly interweaves stories of complex familial relationships affected by war and trauma with the mystery surrounding a cold case murder. Beyond the Night comments on how our intuitive abilities can help us explain the seemingly inexplicable and lead us directly to what it is we're searching for."

Tammy Blanchard and Chance Kelly also star. Watch our exclusive clip, and then check out the film, which is quite a worthwhile watch. (Review to come.) Beyond the Night will be available to watch on various Video On Demand (VOD) platforms on January 29 and then will be released on DVD on February 5.

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