Morbido 2018 Wrap-up: Stories From My Happy Place

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Since the first year I went to Morbido it quickly became my home away from home. I use my vacation time to go to two festivals and/or copro markets each year and one week always goes to mi Familia Morbido.
Other Anarchists have gone in my place when the matters of life decided to fuck me over. Some of us have gone to the festival with their own films as well. Otherwise I will fight any of them to the death if they try to take my place. 
After my first year at Morbido asked, “What can we do to make the festival better? What if we offered trips or outings to local cultural spots?” What could Morbido do to make our experience at the festival that much better. Keep in mind that during my first year we had already had the opening party in a former Nunnery with a Vampiress in nothing but a body sock dancing around us all night. Also, the festival was in the Michoacán province during an independence holiday of some sorts so one morning the whole town square was alive with school and police marching bands.
What else could Morbido do that would top experiences like that? The following year the festival began offering outings and trips, our own Ben Umstead shared pictures from a boat trip that final year the festival was in Patzcuaro. And they have become a regular staple of the festival since then so when you go to Morbido you are not just going to a film festival, you are going to a cultural experience. 
Since my first visit to Morbido those few years ago the brand and empire has grown. Morbido has expanded into production and distribution, radio and their subscription television service MorbidoTV has just spread into more regions of Latin America. As we drove into the dark rainy night to San Angel for the Peter Sellers doc screening Pablo laid out his plans for both the festival and the brand. The empire will always be the empire, it will continue to grow, and we will continue to come and worship at its alters for years to come. Whether next year or the year after there are plans to add locations within CDMX that will give guests and visitors more opportunities to discover more of the incredible city.
What follows is just a taste of what happened at this year's edition. Some old friends came back for another helping of Morbido and Mexican hospitality and we welcomed some new blood to experience it for the first time. If you have been to Morbido, you already know. If you have not been you will hear the stories and tales from those who have been before you. And perhaps one day, the old gods willing, we will see you in the Morbido crypt. 

Morbido is known for their extravagant opening ceremonies, full of splendor and show stopping moments. Morbido pulls no punches when it comes to their opening nights.

In true John Hammond style (waits for it) they are shows that need to be witnessed to be understood and appreciated. I have written about them before and if I do my job properly you may get the sense that they are awesome, but until you are there you don’t really know HOW awesome they are. And I would love to tell you HOW awesome this year’s opening ceremony was, except I missed most of it despite being there from the start.

How did this happen? Well, it turns out I am a pretty shit Viking.

Oh, do tell, Andrew.

In a moment. But first, pictures!

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