Exclusive CHINA LOVE Clip: Love, Photography and Cultural Changes

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Exclusive CHINA LOVE Clip: Love, Photography and Cultural Changes

Set to enjoy its U.S. premiere as part of DOC NYC on Friday, November 9, China Love takes a look at Chinese culture through the lens of pre-wedding photography (?!).

On initial blush, it sounds like quite a narrow focus; however, Olivia Martin-McGuire's documentary goes wide, encompassing the changes that have swept through China over the past few decades, and how that's affected its citizens.

China Love "takes us on a billion-dollar ride of fantasy exploring contemporary China through the window of the pre-wedding photography industry," according to the official synopsis. "The film is a feature length observational documentary which follows Chinese and Australian participants as they navigate love, weddings and family in the lead up to the most important ritual of Chinese society - getting married."

Our utterly beguiling exclusive clip features two women talking about some of those changes, and then we get a peek at one of them as she and her longtime husband pose for a few photos.

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