What The Hell Is Michael Douglas Doing In ANIMAL WORLD?

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What The Hell Is Michael Douglas Doing In ANIMAL WORLD?

Cashing a check, that's what he's doing. Probably a pretty big one.

Michael Douglas is on screens worldwide right now in Ant Man And The Wasp but that's not his only current big screen foray. Nope. Douglas is also on screens throughout Asia as a featured baddie in Yan Han's big budget fantasy action film Animal World, in which high stakes underground gamblers transform into creatures and beat the tar out of each other on board a floating casino. Yup.

Yi Feng Li takes the lead part But Douglas is all over the marketing materials here chewing the hell out of the furniture as clearly nobody had the will or inclination to tell him to rein it in a little bit. Heh. Chinese release of this happened late last month, apparently, but I missed the trailers then and just came across one for the upcoming Thai release, which is what I've embedded below.

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