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IP MAN 4 - Director Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen are back.

Eke Chukwu
IP MAN 4 - Director Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen are back.
Donnie Yen has announced that production has started on the fourth movie in the Ip Man franchise, which is likely going to be the last.
The Ip Man movies are based on the true story of the titular martial arts master, played by Donnie Yen, who lived from 1893 to 1972.
One of Ip Man's claims to fame was that the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee was one of his students. The first two movies in the franchise did not feature Bruce Lee as a character, but instead focused on Ip Man's early years.
Wilson Yip, who has directed all three previous Ip Man movies, is set to return for Ip Man 4 as well. While few plot details are currently available, it looks like Ip Man 4 will see the character return to the United States to work with Bruce Lee, who has decided to open up a Wing Chun studio in Seattle, Washington.
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