David Sakurai Is THE BUTCHER

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David Sakurai Is THE BUTCHER

Danish-Japanese actor David Sakurai has been a fairly regular visitor to these pages thanks to a truly eclectic filmography that spans the globe. You want a Hungarian fantasy musical about a fox spirit? He's done that. A Danish produced mystical journey through a bloody afterlife for an iconic Japanese Samurai? Yep, done that, too. Swedish gangster comedy? Yup. And, y'know, little things like a role on Iron Fist and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald. He's done those, too. And if you've ever thought to yourself, "I wonder what would happen if that guy would go on a mission of bloody revenge using a massive metal prosthetic attached to the stump of his severed arm?" Well, now you've got the answer to that, too.

Sakurai has teamed with director Shaun Rana and producer Lene Borglum - oh, y'know, she's just Nicolas Winding Refn's long time producer and business partner - to create a concept trailer for The Butcher, a retro-futuristic martial arts bludgeoning, as per the above.Say Rana and Sakurai about the project, “The Butcher is an original Action-Fantasy, based on our long passion for Sci-Fi, Graphic Novels, Asian Mythology and Japanese Anime. We've sought to create a story in a Fantasy world, with the aesthetics of The Crow and the kinetic energy of John Wick.”

Check out the proof of concept below!

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