Chattanooga 2018 Announces TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, THE RANGER and Much More

Chattanooga 2018 Announces TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, THE RANGER and Much More

Chattanooga Film Festival has dropped a second wave of titles for 2018. Newly added titles include recent fest favorites Tigers are Not Afraid, Downrange, A Prayer Before Dawn and Let the Corpses Tan. Newly added world premieres include Lesser Beasts, Dementia Part II.  The two-man exploitation task force Bleeding Skull makes its return to Chattanooga with Ninja Zombie. There are even free screenings of Turbo Kid and The Endless. Official synopses for the entire second wave of films is provided below. Enjoy!

TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID | Director Issa López

A dark fairy tale about a gang of five children trying to survive the horrific violence of the cartels and the ghosts created every day by the drug war. Trailer

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS | Director Elijah Bynum

A boy comes of age during a summer he spends in Cape Cod.

BORLEY RECTORY | Director Ashley Thorpe

BORLEY RECTORY is an animated documentary chronicling what came to be known as "the most haunted house in England." The legends attached to the rectory at Borley and famed paranormal investigator Harry Price's subsequent investigations of them caught the public's imagination during the late 1920s, in time becoming one of the world's most notorious ghost stories. BORLEY RECTORY examines the legend, the controversial investigations and a ghost story that may well reveal more about what might have been missing from Borley rather than what might have been invading it. | Trailer

THE BIG BAD FOX AND OTHER TALES | Directors Patrick Imbert, Benjamin Renner

Whoever thinks that the countryside is calm and peaceful is mistaken. In it we find especially agitated animals, a Fox that thinks it's a chicken, a Rabbit that acts like a stork, and a Duck who wants to replace Father Christmas. If you want to take a vacation, keep driving past this place. Trailer

THE POWER OF GLOVE | Directors Andrew Austin, Adam Ward

A documentary that chronicles the journey of the world's most notorious video game controller: the Power Glove. For the first time, discover the history and legacy behind the glove that helped inspire a generation. | Trailer

THE QUEEN OF FEAR | Directors Valeria Bertuccelli, Fabiana Tiscornia

An actress becomes over anxious in the days leading up to the premiere of her one-woman show. | Trailer


We already know that every sane moviegoer on earth loves occult mayhem, undead martial arts warriors and wizards with spiders tattooed on their faces. But little did we know that all of those things and more comprised a completely unseen feature-length Super-8 masterpiece from Illinois! A murdered karate expert rises from the grave to exact revenge and rescue his girlfriend from black magic maniacs. Despite its food stamp budget, Ninja Zombie is an unrelenting ruckus of supernatural threats and high-kicking vengeance.

SUPER INFRA-MAN | Director Shan Hua

In this Shaw Bros. classic, Princess Dragon Mom and her mutant army have arisen, and only Inframan can stop them! | Trailer

DOWNRANGE | Director Ryûhei Kitamura

Stranded at the side of the road after a tire blowout, a group of friends become targets for an enigmatic sniper. Trailer

A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN | Director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire

The true story of an English boxer incarcerated in one of Thailand's most notorious prisons as he fights in Muay Thai tournaments to earn his freedom. Trailer

RAMEN HEADS | Director Koki Shigeno

In 'Ramen Heads,' Osamu Tomita, Japan's reigning king of ramen, takes us deep into his world, revealing every single step of his obsessive approach to creating the perfect soup and noodles, and his relentless search for the highest-quality ingredients. In addition to Tomita's story, the film also profiles five other notable ramen shops, each with its own philosophy and flavor, which exemplify various aspects the ramen world. Mixing in a brief rundown of ramen's historical roots, the film gives viewers an in-depth look at the culture surrounding this unique and beguiling dish. This is a documentary record of 15 months in the lives of Japan's top ramen masters and their legions of devoted fans. Trailer

BRIMSTONE & GLORY | Director Viktor Jakovleski

Ecstatic ritual, danger and the absolute beauty of fireworks. Trailer

THE RANGER | Director Jenn Wexler

A group of punk rockers piss off a psychotic forest ranger.

Q&A following with director Jenn Wexler and producer Heather Buckley

GEMINI | Director Aaron Katz

A heinous crime tests the complex relationship between a tenacious personal assistant and her Hollywood starlet boss. As the assistant unravels the mystery, she must confront her own understanding of friendship, truth, and celebrity. Trailer

LESSER BEASTS | Director Casey T. Malone


Four stories. One mystery.

Q&A following with director Casey T. Malone and cast.

TO HELL AND BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY | Director Derek Dennis Herbert

TO HELL AND BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY is the harrowing story of a stuntman overcoming a dehumanizing childhood filled with torment and bullying in Sparks, Nevada. After surviving a near-death burn accident, he worked his way up through Hollywood, leading to his ultimate rise as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series and making countless moviegoers forever terrified of hockey masks and summer camp. Featuring interviews with cinema legends, including Bruce Campbell (Ash vs. Evil Dead), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira: Mistress of the Dark), To Hell and Back peels off the mask of Kane Hodder, cinema's most prolific killer, in a gut-wrenching, but inspiring, documentary. | Trailer

DEMENTIA PART II | Directors Mike Testin, Matt Mercer


Suzanne wasn’t always this confused.  She wasn’t always dead either... When an ex-con takes a job as a handyman for an unstable elderly woman to avoid a parole violation, it becomes a choice he may regret. From the makers of Dementia and Contracted comes the unnecessary midnight-movie sequel you never knew you wanted… made script-to-screen in literally one month!

Q&A following with directors Mike Testin and Matt Mercer

LET THE CORPSES TAN | Director Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani

The Mediterranean summer: blue sea, blazing sun....and 250 kg of gold stolen by Rhino and his gang! They had found the perfect hideout: an abandoned and remote hamlet now taken over by a woman artist in search for inspiration. Unfortunately surprise guests and two cops compromise their plan: the heavenly place where wild happenings and orgies used to take place turns into a gruesome battlefield. Trailer

NOVEMBER | Director Rainer Sarnet

Based on Estonian novel "Rehepapp" by Andrus Kivirähk, a bestseller of the last twenty years, the film is a mixture of magic, black humor and romantic love. The story is set in a pagan Estonian village where werewolves, the plague, and spirits roam. The villagers' main problem is how to survive the cold, dark winter. And, to that aim, nothing is taboo.


TURBO KID | Directors François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell      


In a post-apocalyptic wasteland in 1997, a comic book fan adopts the persona of his favorite hero to save his enthusiastic friend and fight a tyrannical overlord. Trailer

François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell in attendance

THE ENDLESS | Directors Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead


Two brothers return to the cult they fled from years ago to discover that the group's beliefs may be more sane than they once thought. Trailer

Q&A with producer and cast member David Lawson

I KILL GIANTS | Director Anders Walter

Barbara Thorson struggles through life by escaping into a fantasy life of magic and monsters. Trailer

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