BROKER: Watch David-Jan Bronsgeest's Short Film Thriller!

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BROKER: Watch David-Jan Bronsgeest's Short Film Thriller!
It has been quite some time since we first wrote about Broker, the short film from Dutch filmmaker David-Jan Bronsgeest. But here we are today, ready to share with you the complete short film which you will find below. Enjoy!
Worn down by a lonesome life of crime, a solitary organ broker (Yorick van Wageningen - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Blackhat) finds himself many sleepless nights looking for truth at the bottom of a bottle. When, after a chance encounter with a helpless victim of his diabolical business, he is presented with an opportunity to radically break free from his wayward existence. He sees no other option but to take it. Rescuing the victim - a young woman - from the ruthless syndicate he is involved with, our man starts down a path from which there is no return.
We like this short. It is quietly disturbing in its subject matter and subtle in its tension building. As expected Yorick van Wageningen is excellent, raging with silence as the broker, a man who looks like he could tear your head off but knows he lacks the iron will to do anything about it. It also happens to be very well shot by Bronsgeest and his DOP Boas van Milligen Bielke.
At the moment Bronsgeest and his producer Tim Koomen are editing their new horror short called Meet Jimmy and at the end of February they will shoot a French short thriller called Unité. Fingers crossed they will let us share with you news about those shorts as they come about. 

Broker from Tim Koomen on Vimeo.

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