Gareth Evans Developing London Gangland Series For HBO Offshoots

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Gareth Evans Developing London Gangland Series For HBO Offshoots
According to a report from Deadline The Raid's Gareth Evans is developing a gangland drama series for HBO's Cinemax and Sky Atlantic. The series will be called Gangs of London and is being developed by Evans and his long time cinematographer Matt Flannery.
The drama, which will launch in 2019, is set in contemporary London as it is becoming torn apart by power struggles involving a number of international gangs. The series begins as the head of one criminal gang is assassinated and the power vacuum threatens the fragile peace between the other underworld organisations.
Evans said he hoped the show would bring a “cinematic viewing experience” into U.S and UK homes.
“It has been a thrilling experience to leap into longform storytelling, exploring a multicultural world of global crime as it intersects on the streets of London,” he added.
(Sky’s Head of Drama Anne) Mensah called Gangs of London an “unrivalled spectacle with characters to match”, while Antholis said it was a “fun, adrenalized and entertaining series that will be catnip for audiences”.
Evans' latest project Apostle, starring Dan Stevens, is wrapping up post and will look for a film festival premiere before debuting on Netflix. 
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