MR. DENTONN: Is This Spanish Horror Short Film The Most Programmed And Awarded of All Time?

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MR. DENTONN: Is This Spanish Horror Short Film The Most Programmed And Awarded of All Time?
For the past three years Ivan Villamel's short film Mr. Dentonn has been touring the world playing at every conceivable film festival that it is entirely possible that since it has been on the road festivals have come and gone, thus the cycle of life continues. Calling it a whirlwind tour is a bit of an understatement. 
To date, Mr. Dentonn has played and is still booked to play at 510 film festivals around the world. The complete list of festivals and the 100+ awards his film has won can be found below. 
So you would think that this would be some kind of world record, that the folks at Guinness would be all over it. You would like to think so, wouldn't you? Last year Villamel approached Guinness with all the documentation needed to set his place at the big peoples' table. While they acknowledge that the short film has played at a fuck tonne (not the official status) of festivals it could not be included in the book because the film was of the terror genre. 
So it is more of a moral victory for Villamel for the moment. He is talking with producers about the project so the short is not online for the moment. But we have a trailer for you below. Perhaps with the many, many film festivals Mr. Dentonn has played at over the past three years you will recognize ti from a festival you went to. 
“On a cold winter night, Laura reads his brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a shiver runs Laura’s body, feeling a strange presence in the house. It’s him”
"Mr.Dentonn", directed by Ivan Villamel, produced by Harmonica Films & Mordisco Films, and played by Irene Aguilar, Kaiet Rodriguez and Ander Pardo, has broken records in its genre, becoming the most awarded and selected horror short film of all time worldwide, with 500 official selections and more than 120 international awards, in addition to more than 1200 award nominations and 1500 screenings around the world. It has been part of worldwide reference festivals in fantastic/horror genre; "International Film Festival of Sitges", "Screamfest Horror Film Festival Los Angeles", "Fantasia International Film Festival", etc ... among an uncountable list of referents including Oscars Qualifying Festivals ("Cleveland International Film Festival "," Leeds International Film Festival "), three times nominated for the prestigious Silver Meliès to the Best European Fantastic Short Film. His tour in festivals makes" Mr.Dentonn" an exception within the genre of horror, achieving that historical mark of most awarded and selected horror short film in history. Its creators are already working to find funding for the feature film project of "Dentonn", where it could fully develop the mythology of the character.
1-. Special Mention at “Cortos con K – II Festival de Cortometrajes de Terror y Fantástico (Spain)
2-. Best Cinematography at “Terrorific – Mostra de Cinema de Terror de Manresa” (Spain)
3-. Filmin Award at “Muestra de Cortometrajes Ventana Oscura – Semana Gótica de Madrid 2014” (Spain)
4-. Best Cinematography at “Suspiria Fest” (Spain)
5-. Grand Prize Palm d’Gore Best Short Film at “Knoxville Horror Film Fest” (Usa)
6-. Scariest Film Award at “Knoxville Horror Film Fest” (Usa)
7-. Best Short Film at “Paranormal Media Festival” (Italy)
8-. Best Foreign Short at “Horrorquest Film Festival” (Usa)
9-. Best International Short at “Fake Flesh Film Fest” (Canada)
10-. Fan Favorite Short at “Fake Flesh Film Fest” (Canada)
11-. Freakiest Film Award at “Fake Flesh Film Fest” (Canada)
12-. Best Director at “Liberty Massacre 2014” (Usa)
13-. Best Cinematography at “Liberty Massacre 2014” (Usa)
14-. Bronze Mystic Award at “Algeciras Fantástika 2014” (Spain)
15-. Best International Micro-Short at “RIP Horror Film Festival” (Usa)
16-. Best Cinematography at “Jive Azz Film Fest” (Usa)
17-. Best International Film at “Barossa Film Festival” (Australia)
18-. Best Short Film at “Navidades Sangrientas – Weekend Horror XII” (Spain)
19-. Best Short at “Dream Film Showcase” (Usa)
20-. Best Short at “V Festival Internacional Freak Gore Terror Valparaiso (Chile)
21-. Runner Up Mention at “Tally Shorts Film Festival” (Usa)
22-. Honorable Mention Best Art Department at “MBV Horror Film Fest” (Usa)
23-. Honorable Mention Best Cinematography at “MBV Horror Film Fest” (Usa)
24-. Audience Award Top of the Year at “Cineuphoria Awards” (Portugal)
25-. “Award of Excellence” Horror Shorts in “The San Francisco Film Awards” (Usa)
26-. Best Short Film at “Clean Shorts Film Festival” (Usa)
27-. Best Foreign Short Film at “Clean Shorts Film Festival” (Usa)
28-. Best of Fest at “Clean Shorts Film Festival” (Usa)
29-. Gold Remi Best Fantasy/Horror Short at “WorldFest Houston International Film Festival” (Usa)
30-. Best Editing at “Smokey Night Film Fest” (Usa)
31-. Best Foreign Film at “15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival” (Usa)
32-. Award Commendation at “The Cambridge Strawberry Shorts Film Festival” (Uk)
33-. Best Horror at “Phoenix ComiCon Film Festival” (Usa)
34-. Judges Choice Award Best Horror at “Miscon 29 – International Short Film Festival” (Usa)
35-. 2nd Best Short Film at “X Festival de Cine de Terror en el Castillo” (Spain)
36-. Best Film Award at “iChill Manila International Film Fest” (Filipinas)
37-. Best Horror Short at “MAC Film Festival 2015” (Brazil)
38-. Best Horror The Crypt Tv Award at “HollyShorts Film Festival” (Usa)
39-. Best of Fest Foreign Horror Short at “Fantasmagorical Film Festival” (Usa)
40-. Best Actress at “Geek Out Film Fest” (Usa)
41-. Best Score at “Horrible Imaginings Film Festival” (Usa)
42-. Best International Film at “Scarefest Film Festival” (Usa)
43-. Best Horror at “Apex Short Film + Music Video Fest” (Usa)
44-. Best Cinematography at “Screen It Film Festival” (Australia)
45-. Best Horror Short at “Shortz! Film Fest” (Usa)
46-. Judges Choice 2nd Place Award at “Shortz! Film Fest” (Usa)
47-. Best Short at “Boise Film Festival” (Usa)
48-. Best Horror Film at “Lilliputian Film Festival” (Usa)
49-. Best Horror Short at “Scary Night Festival” (Spain)
50-. Best Director at “Fantom Fest” (Usa)
51-. Best Cinematography at “Fantom Fest” (Usa)
52-. Best Sound at “Horror in the Hills Film Festival” (Usa)
53-. Best Villain Award at “Haunted Horror Film Festival” (Usa)
54-. Best Horror Short at “Tucson Terrorfest – Horror Film Festival” (Usa)
55-. Best Cinematography at “Madtown Horror Film Festival” (Usa)
56-. Best Horror Short at “Rugged Phoenix Underground Film Festival” (Usa)
57-. Best Sound at “Dark Frame Film Festival” (Usa)
58-. Best Film at “Fantastically Horrifying Shorts” (Usa)
59-. Best Horror Short at “Spooky Empire Film Festival” (Usa)
60-. Best Foreign Horror Short at “Upstate NY Horror Film Festival” (Usa)
61-. Jury Top3 Best Film at “Midwest Horror Shorts Film Festival” (Usa)
62-. Best Actress at “Zed Fest Film Festival LA” (Usa)
63-. Best Director at “Zed Fest Film Festival LA” (Usa)
64-. Winner Honorable Mention Horror at “ITSA Film Festival” (Usa)
65-. Best Haunted Short at “Weekend of Horrors 2015” (Germany)
66-. Best National Short at ““Muestra de Cortometrajes de Aquí y de Allí – Semana de Cine de Elda” (Spain)
67-. Best Writer at “Chicago Paracon Film Festival” (Usa)
68-. Best Horror Short at “BATSFF – Big as Texas Short Film Festival” (Usa)
69-. Best International Short at “UK Screen One International Film Festival” (Uk)
70-. Best Horror Short Film at “Fantastic Film Awards” (Usa)
71-. Best Actress at “Fantastic Film Awards” (Usa)
72-. Jury Prize Award Best Short Film at “Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival” (Usa)
73-. Best Short at “Legless Corpse Film Festival” (Usa)
74-. Best Short Director at “Legless Corpse Film Festival” (Usa)
75-. Best Cinematography at “Independent Horror Movie Awards 2016” (Usa)
76-. Best Special Effects at “Independent Horror Movie Awards 2016” (Usa)
77-. Best Atmosphere at “Independent Horror Movie Awards 2016” (Usa)
78-. Best Cinematography at “Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards” (Usa)
79-. Troféu Monstro Best Short at “2º Mostra Monstro – Mostra de Cinema Fantástico de Jacareí (Brazil)
80-. Silver Stake Award Best Short at “International Vampire Film & Arts Festival” (Romania)
81-. Top3 Voted Best Film at “Sweet as Film Festival” (Canada)
82-. Best Director at “Sweet as Film Festival” (Canada)
83-. Blue Glass Award Best Genre Film at “Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival” (Usa)
84-. Best Horror Short Film at “Something Wicked Film Festival” (Usa)
85-. Best Male Actor in Short Film at “Something Wicked Film Festival (Usa)
86-. Scariest Short Film at “Something Wicked Film Festival” (Usa)
87-. Imperial Command Award Best Classic Horror Short at “Stargate Galactic International Film Festival” (Usa)
88-. Best Costume Design at “Nida Short Film Festival” (Lithuania)
89-. Mention Best Short at “Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival” (Usa)
90-. Best Sound at “Festival Fantastico Mar del Plata” (Argentina)
91-. Award of Merit at “Headline International Film Festival” (Usa)
92-. Best International Horror at “Taupo Halloween International Film Festival” (New Zealand)
93-. Best Horror at “Golden Gate International Film Festival” (Usa)
94-. Best Actress at “Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival” (Usa)
95-. Best Effects at “Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival” (Usa)
96-. Best Horror Film at “First Glance Film Festival Philadelphia” (Usa)
97-. Best International Short at “Big Fandom Film Festival” (Usa)
98-. Best Horror Short at “Bloodstained Indie Film Festival” (Usa)
99-. 3rd Jury Place Mention at “Muybridge Short Film Festival” (Uk)
100-. Best Short Film at “Aab International Film Festival” (India)
101-. Best Director at “Aab International Film Festival” (India)
102-. Best Horror Short at “Creation International Film Festival” (Canada)
103- Audience Award Best Short Film at “Image in Cabestany – 37èmes Rencontres du court-métrage” (France)
104-. Best Fantasy Film at “Global Short Film Awards” (France)
105-. Best Director at “New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival (Usa)
106-. Special Mention at Otto Festival de Cortos (Argentina)
107-. Finest Spanish Film at “The Mespies Film Festival” (Usa)
108-. Finest Horror Film at “The Mespies Film Festival” (Usa)
109-. Best Cinematography at “First Rule of Film Club – Indie Showcase” (Uk)
110-. Best Horror at “Hyart Film Festival” (Usa)
111-. Best Cinematography at “Donquest Fantasy & Sci-Fi Film Festival” (Uk)
112-. Best Actress at “Donquest Fantasy & Sci-Fi Film Festival” (Uk)
113-. Best Director at “Donquest Fantasy & Sci-Fi Film Festival” (Uk)
114-. Special Recognition Award Best Short at ““Donquest Fantasy & Sci-Fi Film Festival” (Uk)
115-. Best Sound at “Okotoks Film Festival” (Usa)
116-. Best Fantastic Film at “I Maracay International Film & Video Festival” (Venezuela)
117-. Audience Award at “Red Corner Film Festival” (Uk)
118-. Runner Up Best Foreign Short at “Hollywood Dead Film Festival” (Usa)
119-. 1st Runner Up Best Short at “Horror Avenue Film Fest” (Usa)
120-. Best Cinematography at “Horror Films in Hotlanta” (Usa)
121-. Best Horror Short at “AM Egypt Film Festival” (Egypt)
1-. FANT – Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Bilbao (Spain) 
2-. Nocturna- Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Madrid (Spain)
3-. Festerror Lloret (Spain)
4-. Cryptshow Fantastic Film Festival (Spain)
5-. Cortópolis – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Madrid (Spain)
6-. FantaFestival Roma – Mostra Internazionale del film di fantascienza e del fantastico 2014 (Italy)
7-. Cortos con Ñ (Spain)
8-. Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2014 (Spain)
9-. Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2014 (Usa)
10-. Fimucinema 2014 – Festival Internacional de Música de Cine de Tenerife (Spain)
11-. Cortos con K – 2º Festival de Cortometrajes de Terror y Fantástico (Spain)
12-. Fantastic Zagreb 2014 (Croatia)
13-. Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival Bruges (Belgium)
14-. 8º Festival Internacional de Cine de Sax (Spain)
15-. Terrorífic! – Muestra de Cine de Terror y Ciencia Ficción de Manresa (Spain)
16-. Cinema del Diable – El Diablo viste de Corto (Spain)
17-. Fake Flesh Film Festival (Canada)
18-. Un Mare di Cinema – Eolie  in Video 2014 (Italy)
19-. Celluloid Screams – Sheffield Horror Film Festival (Uk)
20-. International TV Festival BAR (Montenegro)
21-. Shorts Premiere (Chile)
22-. San Gio Verona Video Festival (Italy)
23-. La Nit + Curta (Spain)
24-. Halloween Horror Picture Show (Usa)
25-. Flint HorrorCon 4 (Usa)
26-. Borgia Film Festival (Italy)
27-. Festival de Terror de Berga – TerrorFest 2014 (Spain)
28-. Suspiria Fest (Spain)
29-. Gioiosa in Corto (Italy)
30-. Macabro Film Festival – Festival Internacional de Cine de Horror de la Ciudad de México (Mexico)
31-. Fancon 2014 (Spain)
32-. Horrorquest Film Festival (Usa)
33-. RIP Horror Film Festival (Usa)
34-. Inferno – Muestra de Cine de Terror y Fantástico (Mexico)
35-. V FangoFest Amposta (Spain)
36-. Terror Fest Perú – I Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Terror (Peru)
37-. II Edición Seara.Mov – Certamen de Cortometrajes y Videoclips de Bajo Presupuesto (Spain)
38-. IV Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes Multifest (Mexico)
39-. Geek Short Film Fest (Usa)
40-. Dracula International Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Romania)
41-. Morbido Film Fest (Mexico)
42-. Cortopatia  (Spain)
43-. Abertoir International Horror Film Festival (Wales) – Melies d’Argent Nomination
44-. Acocollona’t – Setmana del Cine Fantàstic i de Terror de Girona (Spain)
45-. Phoenix FearCon 2014 (Usa)
46-. RadCon 6C – Sf&F Convention (Usa)
47-. Filmets Badalona Film Festival (Spain)
48-. Mad Cryptshow 2014 (Spain)
49-. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Perú – FENACO 2014 (Peru)
50-. Bridge Film Fest (Kosovo)
51-. Mayhem Horror Film Festival (Uk)
52-. CortoLovere – Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio (Italy)
53-. Festival de Cine Fantástico de Torremolinos (Spain)
54-. Knoxville Horror Film Fest (Usa)
55-. Visioni Corte Film Festival (Italy)
56-. Malta Horror Film Fest (Malta)
57-. Post Mortem – Festival de Cine de Horror y Bizarro (Mexico)
58-. Average SuperStar Films – Liberty Massacre (Usa)
59-. Zinema Zombie Fest – Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror (Colombia)
60-. 2do Festival Interplanetario de Cortos (Spain)
61-. Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (Usa)
62-. Interiora Horror Fest (Italy)
63-. Festival Of Serbian Fantastic Film (Serbia)
64-. Buried Alive Film Festival (Usa)
65-. Ventana Oscura – Muestra de Cortometrajes de la Semana Gótica de Madrid (Spain)
66-. Big As Texas Short Film Festival (Usa)
67-. V Muestra de Cortometrajes Fantasti’CS14 (Spain)
68-. Braunschweig International Film Festival (Germany)
69-. Fanomenon Leeds – 28th Leeds International Film Festival (Uk) – Melies d’Argent Nomination
70-. XXVI Maratón de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Sants (Spain)
71-. The Dirt Poor Filmmakers Festival – 3rd Annual Halloween Bash (Usa)
72-. IV Edición Orés de Miedo – Concurso de Cortometrajes de Terror (Spain)
73-. Florida Horror Film Festival (Usa)
74-. Freakemacine 2014 - Festival de Cinema Fantástico da Coruña (Spain)
75-. Hemoglozine – Festival Internacional de Cine de Terror y Fantástico de Ciudad Real (España)
76-. Festival du Film Fantastique de Rouen (France)
77-. Jive Azz Film Fest (Usa)
78-. Worcestershire Film Festival (UK)
79-. Dark Scream Horror Film Festival (Uk)
80-. A Night of Horror International Film Festival (Australia)
81-. La mida no importa (Spain)
82-. Rue Morgue – Little Terrors (Canada)
83-. Festival de Cine de Terror de Peligros (Spain)
84-. Paranormal Media Festival 2014 (Italy)
85-. I Halloween Film Fest (Spain)
86-. Seattle Crypticon Horror Fest (Usa)
87-. Sasquan International Film Festival (Usa)
88-. TCIF3 - Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival (Usa)
89-. Festival El Cuervo – Certamen Internacional de Cortometrajes de Terror, Fantasía y Ciencia Ficción (Spain)
90-. Peekaboo – La Noche del Terror (Chile) 
91-. XV Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre (Argentina)
92-. Algeciras Fantastika 2014 (Spain)
93-. Barossa Film Festival (Australia)
94-. South African Horror Fest (South Africa)
95-. Concurso de Cortometrajes de Terror “Terrorificamente Cortos” (Spain)
96-. Hrizantema – Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Serbia)
97-. International Bosphorus Film Festival (Turkey)
98-. Muestra de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Zaragoza 2014 (Spain)
99-. Ikuska 2014 (Spain)
100-. Festival Antic Horror Picture Show (Spain)
101-. Another Hole in the Head (Usa)
102-. Smallmovie Festival (Italy)
103-. II Curtas Mutantes (Spain)
104-. Festival Sueños de Cine (Spain)
105-. Macabre Faire Film Festival 2015 (Usa)
106-. Cortopolis Leon (Spain)
107-. Navidades Sangrientas – Weekend Horror XII (Spain)
108-. Festival Internacional de Cine Ciudad Luna (Colombia)
109-. Fantastik Granollers (Spain)
110-. IMA International Film Festival 2014 (India)
111-. Dark Matters Film Festival – Horror Bites (Usa)
112-. Kanyakumari International Film Festival (India)
113-. The Dream Film Showcase (Usa)
114-. Zinexín – XI Festival de Cine de La Roda (Spain)
115-. V Festival Internacional Freak Gore Terror Valparaiso 2014 (Chile)
116-. Landshut Short Film Festival – Deadline Award (Germany)
117-. Green Bay Film Festival (Usa)
118-. Rewind Festival de Cortometrajes de Vilanova del Camí (Spain)
119-. Curtmiratges (Spain)
120-. I Festival de Cortometrajes Al-Kalat (Spain)
121-. VI Montgomery Film Festival (Usa)
122-. Tally Shorts Film Festival (Usa)
123-. MBV Horror Film Festival (Usa)
124-. Goa Short Film Festival (India)
125-. Panic Fest (Usa)
126-. Nevermore Film Festival (Usa)
127-. Fright Night Theatre (Usa)
128-. Horrorant Film Festival “Fright Nights” (Greece)
129-. Siouxland Film Festival (Usa)
130-. Aurora – Festival Internacional de Cine de Horror de Guanajuato (Mexico)
131-. Slaughter Movie House (Usa)
132-. FilmQuest Festival (Usa)
133-. Cleveland International Film Festival (Usa)
134-. Phoenix Comicon Film Festival (Usa)
135-. CortoEspaña Outes (Spain)
136-. Fantasmagorical Film Festival (Usa)
137-. Underground FilmFest Munich (Germany)
138-. III Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes Plasencia en Corto (Spain)
139-. WorldFest – Houston International Film & Video Festival (Usa)
140-. Conquest 46 – Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention (Usa)
141-. Smokey Night Film Fest (Usa)
142-. International ContraVision Film Festival (Germany)
143-. Festival de Cortometrajes de La Unión (Colombia)
144-. Horror Realm Con (Usa)
145-. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Shorty Week (Spain)
146-. Sanford International Film Festival (Usa)
147-. 300 Minutes International FilmFestival Kalsruhe (Germany)
148-. Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest (Usa)
149-. Clean Shorts Film Festival (Usa)
150-. Festival International Du Film Court Metrage Paul Simon (France)
151-. Reel Shorts Film Festival (Canada)
152-. CortoEspaña Benicarló (Spain)
153-. Festival de Cine//B (Chile) 
154-. Fipili Horror Film Festival (Italy)  
155-. Festival de Cine de Paracho (Mexico)
156-. Proyecto Noctambulante (Mexico)
157-. 16th International Short Film Festival Cellu L’Art  (Germany)
158-. TIFF – 14th Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania)
159-. Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire (France)
160-. Festival de Terror de Alicante 2015 (Spain)
161-. Weekend of Fear International Film Festival (Germany)
162-. I Belgaum Short Film Festival 2015 (India)
163-. San Francisco Film Awards (Usa)
164-. Fanter Film Festival (Spain)
165-. Tlanchana Fest – Festival de Cine y Arte Digital (Mexico)
166-. Bloody Week-End – 6e Festival International du Film Fantastique d’Audincourt (France)
167-. 15 Minutes of Fame Short Film Festival (Usa)
168-. Festival de Cortometrajes de Sant Andreu de la Barca – Premios Oriana (Spain)
169-. Linares Fantástico –Muestra de Cine Iberoamericano Fantástico y de Terror (Mexico)
170-. Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia (Spain)
171-. ConCarolinas Short Film Festival (Usa)
172-. II Festival de Cortometrajes Callosa en Cine (Spain)
173-. C-FEM Festival de Cine Fantástico Europeo de Murcia (Spain)
174-. 8th Inonu University Kisa Film Festival 
175-. Fantaspoa – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantástico de Porto Alegre (Brasil)
176-. Calgary Horror Con (Canada)
177-. Festival 1000 Gritos – 4º Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes de Terror y Fantástico de Punta Alta (Argentina)
178-. Rincofest – I Festival de Cortos de Terror, Scifi y Fantástico de la Rinconada (Spain)
179-. Operazione Paura Film Festival (Italy)
180-. Mile High Horror Film Festival (Usa)
181-. The Cambridge Strawberry Shorts Film Festival (Uk)
182-. II Festival de Cine en Corto Ciudad de Consuegra (Spain)
183-. Fantasia International Film Festival (Canada)
184-. Miscon 29 – International Short Film Festival (Usa)
185-. The ZONE Film Festival (Usa)
186-. Kastav Film Festival (Croatia)
187-. I Lionshead Film Festival (Usa)
188-. Weekend of Horrors (Germany)
189-. The Geek Out Film Fest (Usa)
190-. An Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest (Usa)
191-. CINEMART – Festival de Cortometrajes Pineda de Mar (Spain)
192-. 7th Annual Hamilton Film Festival (Usa)
193-. Boise International Film Festival (Usa)
194-. Puerto Rico International Film Fest & Convention (Puerto Rico)
195-. I Festival Internacional de Cortos de Carabanchel (Spain)
196-. Days of Dead Chicago (Usa)
197-. Sustefest 2015 (Mexico)
198-. Sant Cugat Fantastic – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic i de Terror (Spain)
199-. Galactic Film Fest (Usa)
200-. HorrorHound Weekend (Usa)
201-. Film Night on the Castle – Novy Film (Eslovaquia)
202-. Muestra Internacional de Cortometraje Ixtenco (Mexico)
203-. Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil Ojo al Piojo (Argentina)
204-. Baton Rouge Horror Film Festival (Usa)
205-. FMK International Short Film Festival (Italy)
206-. MiddleCoast Film Festival (Usa)
207-. Twister Alley Film Festival – Twisted Horror Picture Show (Usa)
208-. Undead Drive-In Anthology Competition (Usa)
209-. Grossmann Fantastic Film Festival – Melies D’Argent Nomination (Slovenia)
210-. Noche de miedo – Scary Night (Spain)
211-. Horror in the Hills (Usa)
212-. Hyperdrive Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival (Uk)
213-. Mizzica Film Fest (Italy)
214-. MAC Festival 2015 – Mostra Amazonas de Cinema (Brazil)
215-. FIC - Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey (Mexico)
216-. Dead of Winter Festival (Australia)
217-. CortoEspaña Miejadas Caceres (Spain)
218-. Ciclo de Terror en Chile (Chile)
219-. CortoEspaña Mora – Toledo (Spain)
220-. HollyShorts Film Festival (Usa)
221-. Space City Comic Con (Usa)
222-. NOLA Horror Film Fest (Usa)
223-. Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (Usa)
224-. Diabolique International Film Festival (Usa)
225-. Shortz! Film Festival (Usa)
226-. ScareFest 8 – Horror & Paranormal Convention (Usa)
227-. Gran Maratón de Cortos (Argentina)
228-. iChill Spanish Film Fest (Filipinas)
229-. Festival Cine de Terror en el Castillo (Spain)
230-. El Dorado Film Festival (Usa)
231-. Fareham Arts Festival (Uk)
232-. 6th Annual Yellow Fever Indie Film Festival (Ireland)
233-. Ciampino International Film Festival (Italy)
234-. Apex Short Film & Music Video Festival (Usa)
235-. Cellar Door Film Festival (Canada)
236-. Portobello Film Festival (Uk)
237-. Festival Montevideo Fantástico 2015 (Uruguay)
238-. Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece)
239-. Fantom Horror Film Fest (Usa)
240-. Colorado Horror Con & Halloween Film Festival (Usa)
241-. Madtown Horror 2015 (Usa)
242-. Idaho Horror Film Festival (Usa)
243-. Soirée D’Horreur – A.Normale Show (Canada)
244-. Fright Night Film Fest (Usa)
245-. Night Terrors Film Festival (Denmark)
246-. Shivers Genre Film Festival (Germany)
247-. Scream in the Dark Film Festival (Usa)
248-. Ciclo de Cine El Páramo (Mexico)
249-. Cefalú Film Festival (Italy)
250-. I Montenegro International Fantastic Film Festival 2015 (Montenegro)
251-. Making Waves Film Festival 2015 (Uk)
252-. II Grotesco Festival (Mexico)
253-. Indiana Short Film Festival (Usa)
254-. Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival (Usa)
255-. Dark Frame Film Festival (Usa)
256-. Tanger International Film Festival (Morocco)
257-. Middlesbrough International Film Festival (Uk)
258-. DOA VII Blood Bath Film Festival (Usa)
259-. Freak Show Horror Film Festival (Usa)
260-. SciFi Film Festival (Australia)
261-. Screen It! Film Festival (Australia)
262-. NW Short Film Festival (Canada)
263-. Premis TAC 2015 (España)
264-. Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival (Usa)
265-. Highway 61 Film Festival (Usa)
266-. ITSA Film Festival (Usa)
267-. Haunted Horror International Film Festival (Usa)
268-. Festival Pilas en Corto 2015 (Spain)
269-. Rugged Phoenix Underground Film Festival(Usa)
270-. Fantastically Horrifying Shorts! Presented by Fantastic Cinema (Usa)
271-. XVI Trani Film Festival (Italy)
272-. Cortos Verdes Internacional – Mes del Corto Escalofriante (Mexico)
273-. Bastrop Texas Film & Music Festival (Usa)
274-. La Mano –Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror 2015 (Spain)
275-. New York City Horror Film Festival (Usa)
276-. Festival Internacional del Cortometraje FIC (Argentina)
277-. ’O curt – Festival del Cortometraggio – XIV Edizione 2015(Italy)   
278-. Fermo Film Festival (Italy) 
279-. Ancona Film Festival (Italy) 
280-. Lilliputian Film Festival (Usa)
281-. I Muestra Internacional de Cine de Terror de Córdoba (Argentina)
282-. Tucson Terrorfest (Usa)
283-. Spooky Empire’s International Horror Film Festival (Usa)
284-. Sydney Indie Film Festival (Australia)
285-. Cicle Rebobina – Sessions Cinema Revival (Spain)
286-. Housecore Horror Festival (Usa)
287-. Northern Frights Festival (Canada)
288-. Chicago Paranormal Film Festival (Usa)
289-. Zed Fest Film Festival (Usa)
290-. Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (Usa)
291-. I Filmmaker International Film Festival (Spain)
292-. Amazon Horror Awards  2015 (Brasil)
293-. 30 Dies Festival – Festival de Cinema Fantàstic a Andorra (Andorra)
294-. Kinolit Film Festival (Russia)
295-. Västeras Film Festival (Suecia)
296-. Muestra Internacional de Cine de Terror y Sci-Fi “Bloody Night” (Mexico)
297-. Upstate NY Horror Film Festival (Usa)
298-. MAC Horror Festival 2015 (Brasil)
299-. I Festival Internacional de Cine de Tunja  (Colombia)
300-. Almost Famous Fright Fest Film Festival (Usa)
301-. Area de Contençao – Encontros Internacionais de Cinema Fantástico e de Horror do Cartaxo (Portugal)
302-. Midwest Horror Shorts Film Festival (Usa)
303-. II Festival Boca do Inferno (Brazil)
304-. En ocasiones veo cortos - Muestra de Cortometrajes de Terror de Cartagena (Spain)
305-. 12º Festival Escobar de Película (Argentina)
306-. Halloweenapalooza 6 – Film Festival (Usa)
307-. Heavy Hitting Horrorfest 2015 (Usa)
308-. Café Curt (Spain)
309-. Birmingham Underground Filmfest (Usa)
310-. Southampton Film Week (Uk)
311-. Pune Short Film Festival (India)
312-. Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival (Usa)
313-. Filmstock Film Festival (Usa)
314-. Fanta Elx – Festival de Cine Fantástico de Elche (Spain)
315-. CortoEspaña Reinosa (Spain)
316-. CortoEspaña La Nucía (Spain)
317-. Cinefest Global 2015 (Usa)
318-. Albuquerque Film Festival & Comic Con (Usa)
319-. XIV Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Almería en Corto (Spain)
320-. Grindhouse Dublin 2016 (Ireland)
321-. XXI Premio Cinematográfico José María Forqué (Spain)
322-. Union City International Film Festival (Usa)
323-. 5th Annual Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards (Usa)
324-. 5th Underground Monster Carnival (Usa)
325-. Kiwi International Film Festival (New Zealand)
326-. Hollywood Sky Film Festival (Usa)
327-. Muestra de Cortos de Aquí y de Allí – Semana del Cine de Elda (Spain)
328-. Nit de Curts (Spain)
329-. Euregion Shorts (Netherlands)
330-. Headline International Film Festival (Usa)
331-. Festival International de Cine Pehuajo (Argentina)
332-. Independent Days International FilmFestival Karlsruhe (Germany)
333-. The Indie Horror Film Festival (Usa)
334-. Ridgefield Independent Film Festival (Usa)
335-. UK Screen One International Film Festival (Uk)
336-. Fantastic Film Awards (Usa)
337-. Saratoga Springs International Film Festival (Usa)
338-. Juggernaut Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival (Usa)
339-. 29ª Semana de Cine Medina del Campo (Spain)
340-. Sioux Empire Film Festival (Usa)
341-. Monstro – 2ª Mostra de Cinema Fantástico de Jacareí (Brasil)
342-. ScareLA (Usa)
343-. Festival de Cortos Penca (Argentina)
344-. Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival (Usa)
345-. Kiné – Muestra de Cortometrajes de Puebla (Mexico)
346-. SHOTS : International Independent Short Film Festival (Eslovenia)
347-. Ukrainian International Short Film Festival (Ucrania)
348-. International Vampire Film & Arts Festival (Romania)
349-. H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival (Usa)
350-. LeglessCorpse Film Festival (Usa)
351-. World Horror Con Film Festival (Usa)
352-. Forest City Comic Con Film Festival (Usa)
353-. Muestra Internacional de Cortometraje Cúcara Mácara (Mexico)
354-. End of Days Film Festival (Usa)
355-. Portland Horror Film Festival (Usa)
356-. Ozark Shorts (Usa)
357-. Requiem Fear Fest – Requiem Nights (Canada)
358-. Days of the Dead Indianapolis (Usa)
359-. Independent Horror Movie Awards (Usa)
360-. Los Angeles Cinefest (Usa)
361-. VII Semana Corta de Cartagena (Spain)
362-. Muestra de Cortometrajes Casa del Reloj (Spain)
363-. Stargate Galactic International SciFi Fantasy & Horror Film Festival (Usa)
364-. ”Euro Fest” European International Film Festival (Russia)
365-. Lima Bean Film Fest (Usa)
366-. I Mostra Terror-Metragem (Brazil)
367-. Ekurhuleni International Film Festival (South Africa)
368-. The Artic Live – International Film Night at The Playhouse (Usa)
369-. IndieCrete Film Festival (Grecia)
370-. PDXtreme – Portland Underground Film Fest (Usa)
371-. Pequenos Orbes Espectrais – I Festival de Cinema SJC (Brasil)
372-. Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival (Usa)
373-. Toyama International Film Festival 2016 (Japan)
374-. Festival Ipiales – Cine sin fronteras (Colombia)
375-. Yes! Let’s Make a Movie Film Festival (Canada)
376-. Ibiza Cinefest (Spain)
377-. Taupo Halloween Film Festival (Canada)
378-. Short! Film Festival Mini Fest (Usa)
379-. Minikino Film Week (Indonesia)
380-. Southway Film Fest (Ukrania)
381-. Gastro Cinema Open Air Cinema (Mexico)
382-. RIFF – Rome International Film Festival (Usa)
383-. First Friday Film Festival Kansas City (Usa)
384-. Something Wicked Film Festival (Usa)
385-. Rivne International Film Festival “City of Dreams” (Ukrania)
386-. Kleinkaap Short Film Festival (South Africa)
387-. Hackney Attic Film Festival (Uk)
388-. Premio Cinematográfico Palena (Italy)
389-. Golden Dragonfly International Short Film Festival (Dominican Republic)
390-. Cinefantasy – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastico (Brazil)
391-. Cinema Camp Film Festival (Spain)
392-. Sweet as Film Festival (Canada)
393-. H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival – Providence (Usa)
394-. H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival – Portland (Usa)
395-. San Antonio Horrific Film Fest (Usa)
396-. Chefchaouen International Film Festival for Children and Youtch – FCFEJ (Morocco)
397-. Fort McMurray International Film Festival (Canada)
398-. Global Revolution Film Festival (Usa)
399-. The A.F.S. presents “A Long Night of Short Horrors!” (Usa)
400-. Nida Short Film Festival (Lituania)
401-. Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico Mar del Plata (Argentina)
402-. Cyprus Comic Con Film Fest (Cyprus)
403-. Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine VIDEOFEST (Mexico)
404-. ArtCity Short Film Festival (Cameroon)
405-. Trash Film Festival (Croatia)
406-. Scare-A-Con Film Festival (Usa)
407-. Yellowknife International Film Festival (Canada)
408-. XVII Semana de Cine Fantástico de la Costa del Sol (Spain)
409-. Tenebra Film Fest ( Mexico)
410-. Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival (Usa)
411-. London Indie Fest (Uk)
412-. Fantasy Anime Sci-Fi Horror Film Festival – F.A.S.H (Usa)
413-. Northeast Wisconsin Horror Film Festival (Usa)
414-. UGFF – Underground Film Festival Horror (Italia)
415-. Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest (Puerto Rico)
416-. Royal Starr Film Festival (Usa)
417-. Kisakes (Cut it Short) Short Film Festival (Turkey)
418-. Lancaster International Short Film Festival (Usa)
419-. Celtic Mystery Short Film Festival (Scotland)
420-. Slash & Bash Horror/Scif-Fi Film Festival (Usa)
421-. Outlaw Film Festival (Usa)
422-. HorrorHaus Film Festival (Usa)
423-. East Lansing Film Festival (Usa)
424-. TOHorror Film Fest – Festival Internazionale di Cinema e Cultura del Fantastico (Italy)
425-. FirstGlance Film Festival Philadelphia (Usa)
426-. F3 : Frankly Film Fest (Usa)
427-. Nightmares Film Festival (Usa)
428-. Florence Short Film Festival (Italy)
429-. The Overkill Festival (Netherlands)
430-. Horror Online Art – Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra (Spain)
431-. Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival (Uk)
432-. Big Fandom Greenville Film Festival (Usa)
433-. Bloody Horror Film Festival (Canada)
434-. Golden Gate International Film Festival (Usa)
435-. Frostbiter : Icelandic Horror Film Festival (Iceland)
436-. Misty Moon International Film Festival (Uk)
437-. East Van Showcase : Halloween Scream (Canada)
438-. Second Asia International Youth Short-Film Exhibition (China)
439-. Killer Valley Horror Film Festival (Usa)
440-. Third Eye Film Festival (Usa)
441-. Fisheye Film Festival (Uk)
442-. International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (Cyprus)
443-. Noches de Muerte (Spain)
444-. Hellfire International Film Festival (Uk)
445-. CortoEspaña - Cabeza del Buey (Spain)
446-. CortoEspaña – Sagunto (Spain)
447-. Grindhouse Planet Film Festival (Uk)
448-. El Día +Corto 2016 – Cortos con Record (Spain)
449-. Panama Horror Film Festival (Panama)
450-. Dhaka International Short & Independent Film Festival (Bangladesh)
451-. Bloodstained Indie Film Festival : Sci-Fi Horror Action (Usa)
452-. The Mespies (Usa) 
453-. Fantasturka Turkish Fantastic & Horror Film Festival (Turkey)
454-. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (India)
455-. Gorefest Bermeo (Spain)
456-. Muybridge Short Film Festival (Uk)
457-. Cinefórum Living Room (Spain)
458-. Amazon Underground Film Festival (Brazil)
459-. Neyyar Short Film Festival (India)
460-. Days of the Dead Atlanta (Usa)
461-. Critical Edge Film Festival (Usa)
462-. Aab International Film Festival (India)
463-. Encounter Short Film Festival of Cabestany (France)
464-. Hollywood Screenings Film Festival (Usa)
465-. Insomnia – Festival de Cine Fantástico El Puerto de Santa María (Spain)
466-. Third Eye Film Festival New Orleans (Usa)
467-. Final Girls Berlin Film Festival (Germany)
468-. Genre Night Screening at The Prospect (Usa)
469-. Me Gustan Cortos (Spain)
470-. Rolling Ideas (Romania)
471-. MidWest WeirdFest (Usa)
472-. Canada’s World International Film Festival (Canada)
473-. FirstGlance Film Festival Los Angeles (Usa)
474-. Creation International Film Festival (Usa)
475-. Findecoin – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Independientes “El día se hace corto” (Venezuela)
476-. New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival (Usa)
477-. I Jaipur Film World 2017 (India)
478-. London Lo-No Pop-Up Cinema (Uk)
479-. Otto Festival de Cortos (Argentina)
480-. Global Short Film Awards (France)
481-. FantaSci Short Film Festival Orlando (Usa)
482-. The Innovative Film Festival (Usa)
483-. Galacticat – Mostra de Cinema Fantàstic de Ponent (Spain)
484-. Red Corner Film Festival (Sweden)
485-. Hyart Film Festival (Usa)
486-. Horror Avenue Film Festival (Usa)
487-. Sprrkle Collective (Usa)
488-. Halfway2Halloween Monster Boolesque Spooktacular (Usa)
489-. Muestra de Cortopilar (Spain)
490-. First Rule of Film Club Presents – Indie Showcase (Uk)
491-. Okotoks Film Festival (Canada)
492-. Donquest – Fantasy & Sci-Fi Film Festival & Comicon (Uk)
493-. Origins Film Festival (Usa)
494-. Saints & Sinners Film Festival (Usa)
495-. Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest (Sweden)
496-. I Muestra de Cortometrajes de Terror “La Casapuerta” (Spain)
497-. Westercon 70 Film Festival (Usa)
498-. Hollywood Dead Film Festival (Usa)
499-. Moonlight International Film Festival (Italia)
500-. Horror Films in Hotlanta (Usa)
501-. Nictofilia – Muestra Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror (Mexico)
502-. Maracay International Film & Video Festival (Venezuela)
503-. Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival (Usa)
504-. Norfolk Film Festival (Uk)
505-. AM Egypt Film Festival (Egypt)
506-. Luci Della Ribalta Film Fest (Italy)
507-. Model City Film Festival (Usa)
508-. Wasteland Film Festival (Usa)
509-. Isla Calavera – Festival de Cine Fantástico de Canarias (Spain)
510-. MidWest Horror Fest (Usa)
511-. Flint Fright FilmFest (Usa)
512-. Terror in the Bay Film Festival (Canada)
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