ATERRADOS (TERRIFIED): Watch The Trailer For Demian Rugna's Paranormal Shocker

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ATERRADOS (TERRIFIED): Watch The Trailer For Demian Rugna's Paranormal Shocker

Demian Rugna's paranormal shocker Aterrados (Terrified) from Argentina will have its world premiere at Morbido in a couple weeks. Yesterday, Rugna quietly released a trailer the other day without letting us know, shame on him. So here it is now. 

Though there is not an official synopsis yet the story is about a cop who when he comes across a bizarre crime scene calls upon an old friend who has a penchant for the paranormal. When they discover that a number of homes are connected to a paranormal event the old friend calls upon fellow enthusiasts and experts to inspect the homes with him. 

Full disclosure, I've already seen Aterrados. My review of Rugna's film will come on the day of the world premiere but I can tell you now that Aterrados is a genuine crowd pleaser. Right off the hop it is scary and consistently so right to the last shot. But it is punctuated with subtle humor that gives you room to breathe. I'm jaded as fuck when it comes to movies that try to get me to jump out of my seat and Rugna's film managed that, a couple of times, so good on him. 

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