Podcast: Talkin' Flicks With Pals Ep 1 - Talkin' Toronto 2017

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Podcast: Talkin' Flicks With Pals Ep 1 - Talkin' Toronto 2017

Hello, and welcome to Talking Flicks With Pals, a new ScreenAnarchy podcast that aims to capture a bit of good old fashioned screen-related conversation. Should these first few episodes yield quality talks that film pals from around the world consider enjoyable, I'll continue to host a series of roundtables in the hopes of capturing some varying perspectives on screen topics of cultural relevance.

Given that I was born and raised in Toronto, as was ScreenAnarchy, I figured what better topic to begin with than our beloved local film festival, TIFF, and who better to join me in this first conversation than two of SA’s first writers, Andrew Mack and Kurt Halfyard. I’ve also asked Entertainment Tonight’s Rachel West to join us. Rachel is a new friend, who, as the online producer of Entertainment Tonight Canada, has been an active TIFF goer for many years.

Since I myself have been attending TIFF since 1998, our conversation not only covers the recently wrapped TIFF ‘17, but also highlights from the last 20 years of brave films and wild nights. Our conversation ends with a 15 minute discussion about Darren Aronofsky's polarizing new film, mother!

Won't you join us? And please stay tuned for next month’s Halloween episode with an exciting new batch of guests. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Marc Glen for recording audio. 

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