First Look Poster: THE REUNION, Mystery With an Edge

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First Look Poster: THE REUNION, Mystery With an Edge

Rarely have I heard anyone in real life say, 'Oh boy, I'm going to a reunion with old friends and I can't wait!'

Instead, it's more like an event to be survived. But that's real life. Films allow us to reshape reunions into momentous occasions, or, instead into the basis for a mystery thriller like The Reunion, which quickly establishes a foreboding atmosphere in its trailer.

So we're pleased to present a first look at the poster, which you can enjoy in its full glory below. And then scroll down to watch the trailer.

The Reunion "follows three friends from high school who reunite ten years later for a weekend getaway," according to the official verbiage. "During their getaway, a secret from their high school days starts to unravel as something from high school comes back to haunt them."

Tim French produced, co-wrote, and directed. Carter Palmer co-produced. The cast includes Ramsay Philips, Cortney Palm, Nick Roux, Clayton Snyder, and Edward Furlong. The Reunion debuts on a variety of VOD platforms through Freestyle Digital Media on September 22, 2017.

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