Crowdfund This: Quarxx's ALL THE GODS FROM THE SKY Needs Your Help to Kick Off Production

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Crowdfund This: Quarxx's ALL THE GODS FROM THE SKY Needs Your Help to Kick Off Production

If you attended a genre film festival in 2016, you likely caught a glimpse of Quarxx’s artistic vision in the form of A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky (Un Ciel Bleu Presque Parfait).

The 36-minute shocker was celebrated by no less than 80 festivals around the world, including Fantasia, Clermont-Ferrand, Screamfest and even Sundance 2017. The recipient of numerous awards, it has drawn favorable comparisons to Julia Ducournau’s Raw for being "a French genre phenomenon" (Benjamin Leroy, Mad Movies), but also for investing surface level thrills and grisly gore with deeper meaning.

The feature film promises to expand on the short’s unique blend of drama, realism, sci-fi, and dark comedy, all centered around a fraught brother-sister relationship:

Simon (Jean-Luc Couchard), a 30 year old man, works at a factory and lives confined in a decrepit farm alone with his younger sister, Estelle (Melanie Gaydos), who is severely handicapped since a childhood game that took a disastrous turn. Despite his deep remorse and the violence of the world that surrounds him, Simon desperately hopes to save his sister by liberating her from the weight of the world. What if their salvation was in the heavens?

For his long-awaited feature film version, Quarxx has lined up the support of three production companies (To Be Continued, Tobina Films and Transgressive) as well as CANAL + and Films Boutique. However, the amount of funding gathered so far isn’t enough to ensure the film’s production. In order to complete financing for All the Gods from the Sky (Tous Les Dieux Du Ciel), a crowdfunding campaign has been launched, requesting your help.

For more information on the genesis of the project, the themes it tackles, or simply getting to know the man behind the camera, click here for our 2016 interview with Quarxx himself.

Below you will find two videos: Quarxx’s project pitch and a teaser of A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky. Have a look, and if you like what you see and have the means to support, consider donating to the All the Gods from the Sky (Tous Les Dieux Du Ciel) campaign at its KissKissBankBank page.

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