Fantasia 2017: Free Tribute Screening of George A. Romero's THE CRAZIES This Friday

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Fantasia 2017: Free Tribute Screening of George A. Romero's THE CRAZIES This Friday
The news of George A. Romero's passing was a shock to all in the fantastic cinema community. This Friday the Fantasia International Film Festival will honor the famed director with a free screening of the 4K restoration of his film The Crazies
This Friday at The Fantasia International Film Festival - A Free Tribute Screening: George A. Romero’s THE CRAZIES (New 4K Restoration)
In recognition of George A. Romero’s tragic passing, Fantasia will be presenting a free tribute screening of his under-seen 1973 masterpiece THE CRAZIES, showing in a new 4K restoration courtesy of Arrow Films.  Imbued with an urgency that remains topical to this day, THE CRAZIES is a work that showcases all the qualities that made Romero such a vital filmmaker – confrontational social commentary, character-driven tension, dark humour, visceral cinematography and editing and raw, humanist horror contrasted against moments of boundary-pushing shock. This will be the first public showing of Arrow’s recently-completed restoration, slated to be released later this year as part of a home video box set titled “George Romero Between Night and Dawn”, also featuring new restorations of SEASON OF THE WITCH and THERE’S ALWAYS VANILLA.
The screening is at 9:35pm at the De Seve theater. Line up early boys and girls. 
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Unflinching_EyeJuly 26, 2017 12:00 AM

I got to see Dawn in a crappy little repertory theatre on FILM. One of the reels was so trashed that it was just green.

Matthen KeyJuly 26, 2017 11:32 AM

I have no idea where this is at. Where is the De Seve theater? What city, what state? Is this in the U.S., Canada, somewhere in Europe?

Nicolas ArchambaultJuly 27, 2017 12:21 PM

Fantasia also added a film called BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL. Nothing worth a mention, only Takashi Miike's hundreth film who was selected at Cannes 2017.