Watch Neill Blomkamp's RAKKA Now!

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Watch Neill Blomkamp's RAKKA Now!

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp drew a whole lot of attention with news of his new independent studio project Oats over the past couple weeks and why not? When the director of one of the most critically acclaimed scifi films of the past decade decides to take control back by controlling the process top to bottom himself and backs up the talk by throwing out a couple of very impressive trailers for his series of experimental short films, you do tend to take notice.

Well, it aint just trailers any more. Today Blomkamp released the first of those new shorts in its entirety. Titled Rakka it pictures a near future world where aliens have arrived and are not at all friendly. And, yep, this is very much the work of the same mind behind District 9. But enough of me talking, the whole thing is below for you to check out. LEt us know what you think!

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